Waste management really matters

Community waste management needs improving.

Why ruin your community with poor waste management Preserving the ‘regional dream’ means banding together to maintain and enhance a pristine environment for everyone to enjoy. Community waste management should never be allowed to be taken for granted.  You do not have to travel far to find a polluter river or creek. Prosperous communities can…

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Men’s Shed practical startup approaches

A men'shed can be an important link to health professionals.

A Men’s Sheds in a ‘Double Garage’ is not sustainable Men’s sheds in ‘Double Garage’ type facilities are inappropriate and not sustainable. Be absolutely sure that the buildings you choose align with the activities the men want. You may not be able to start with a shed as big as this one, but size will be…

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Business model performance importance

A good Business Model excites people.

Every business needs a Business Model that works well all day, every day? The Business Model must capitalise on the unique value your business, opportunity or project provides. Does your model deliver valuable outcomes for prospective customers? Will it form lasting relationships and create advocates? Does it show how you will make the money you want?…

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Small enterprise opportunities abound

Small enterprise creates innovation.

Small enterprise have never had it so good Small enterprise is now at the forefront of economic development and job creation. Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), whether non-profit or for-profit are the new creators of jobs and a way to improve people’s lifestyles. The good part is that the governments and corporations are starting to realise that…

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Designing successful organisations

Make designing your future fun.

Don’t let the limitations placed on you stop you from succeeding Tired of spending your time and limited resources without any tangible results? Well, it’s time for you to be designing your organisation for the future because if you don’t who will? You’re only on earth for a short time, so why not make the…

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Coping strategies can change lifestyles

Coping with your life can be improved.

As an entrepreneur I found it easy to move from one project or problem to another, but, when I had to manage the detail I always had difficulty coping.  There are many business people not coping with the fast paced changes involved with the modern business in a globalised world. This is leading to unnecessary…

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Protecting family, business, lifestyle

Insurance is one way of protecting your future.

Without protecting it, your life can be suddenly turned upside down. Protecting family, your business, your employees, yourself and your lifestyle are critical. Tomorrow you could be in a fatal car accident or struck down with an illness. This could  leave your businesses and family in a very insecure and risky situation. No money and no hope.…

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Home office productivity improvements

Take time to build a home office that you will enjoy.

Home office and your lifestyle Not everybody can work alone in a home office; it takes discipline when it comes to maintaining your productivity. By creating a dedicated office space that can be shut off from distractions and by utilising modern technology a very efficient working environment can be created. Make good choices about the…

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Reality checks building better futures

Reality requires action to change.

What is your current reality? The reality is often hard for many people to accept. Close your eyes and imagine yourself building a better future, what do you see yourself doing and when would you like to do it. When you look at your current reality, do you feel there’s something missing in your life or…

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Home-based businesses really booming

Home-based businesses are lifestyle businesses.

Home-based businesses are growing in popularity Home based businesses have become a large part of business communities while opening up great opportunities to start and run a business. They can be exciting and special when you follow a few basic rules. In Australia, there are approximately one million people running a business from their home. Working from home…

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