Waste management really matters

Community waste management needs improving.

Why ruin your community with poor waste management Preserving the ‘regional dream’ means banding together to maintain and enhance a pristine environment for everyone to enjoy. Community waste management should never be allowed to be taken for granted.  You do not have to travel far to find a polluter river or creek. Prosperous communities can…

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Automation improves outcomes efficiently

Automation makes life easier

First, learn about what is possible Policies and tools to manage the user’s ability to handle marketing automation are rapidly developing. While access to product and service information and applications, is relatively advanced, marketing automation is still in the early stage of adoption. The rapid adoption of mobile devices and their management is a crucial…

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Capacities enhance community aspirations

Match capacities with congruent values

Not everyone wants to climb the same mountain Capacities and growth should be congruent with community and business aspirations. Regional communities are frequently hamstrung by cynical, and more often than not false, perceptions about their capacity for growth. They also feel they cannot access finance specialist business advice as readily as metropolitan businesses. Regional communities…

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Mashups create innovative solutions

Mashups create innovation

Entrepreneurial mashups can quickly lead to innovation The term mashups came out of the computer industry, where they used ideas from more than one source to create a single new product or opportunity. Today it can be applied to anything. Think about food and all the nice dinners you can create with unrelated ingredients. Perhaps watch…

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Ecosystem concepts need attention

Know your community's ecosystem.

A sound way to look at your community Think about the human immune system. It incredibly complex and incredibly smart and compare it to your community’s ecosystem. Your immune system knows when you are getting sick. Sometimes days, months or even years go by, long before the disease is eventually diagnosed. Think what you could…

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Innovation drivers create better futures

Innovation drivers are everywhere.

Innovation drivers are all around us Your purpose and vision are what puts a spring in your step and allows innovation drivers to emerge. The first thing to do when you want to begin looking for innovation drivers is to understand clearly, your purpose, vision and objectives. When this happens you are in a position to…

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Processes, treat like important recipes

Creative Processes lead to innovation.

Processes and checklists should be treated like recipes The recipe is a classic content. Businesses that perform well can be likened to good cooks. They follow recipes and processes in order to get the best possible outcomes. It’s not uncommon for people to think that you need good cooking skills to be a good home cook.…

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Creative innovation addresses reality

Good businesses require creative innovation

Making innovation a reality, become creative Creative innovation starts with an original idea or discovery. Any original concept, new or improved device, product, material, business model, process or service can be considered an innovation. The true test of whether an innovation can become a business success is when: It becomes accepted by the marketplace. A new business model, process improvement translates into cost…

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Inventory management builds profits

Inventory management improves customer service

Inventory management is critical to business success Your inventory is one of your small business’s most important assets. If inventory management is poor, it can quickly lead to a downfall in sales and profitability.  The inventory management system itself should be a powerful tool to manage and measure the overall success of the inventory you hold. Good inventory…

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Technology improves creative innovation

Technology and creativity can go hand in hand.

Technology and creativity have merged Research shows day-to-day problems are taking up as much as half of your workday. Particularly if an effective technology is not in place and being used. Without the effective use of technology, there is little time left for you to be actively creative. Interruptions make it almost impossible for you to…

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