Community performance counts

Improve community performance where it counts.

Ever wonder why some communities work better than others? Whatever you do make sure the community performance makes you happy and the people in the community happy. It is the integration of social, environmental and economic objectives and strategies which will best address regional community performance. Small businesses are tired of working with companies and…

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Community websites need redesigning

Community websites you window to the world

Why should you educate people in redesigning community websites? Redesigning is often one of the last things you think about in regional communities. There always seem to be more important things to do. After all,  community websites are just websites, or are they? However, it’s critical to learn about, understand and acknowledge the role your…

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Infrastructure keeps communities vibrant

Old infrastructure could be utilised differently.

Infrastructure decisions should rest in the hands of its people Local governments provide many services to the community including infrastructure in the form of buildings, recreational facilities and public amenities. Governments often have long-term plans to maintain and improve existing facilities, but this often lag behind community expectations. Funding for infrastructure is usually provided on a…

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Community infrastructure outlook matters

Community infrastructure could be letting the community down.

Creating traction with technology and frameworks Stay focused and avoid putting the community’s aspirations on hold. Communities have abilities, traits, and intelligence to work help build community infrastructure. Developing these to their fullest extent could be thought of as developing our potential, or capacity to do the job. This is where technology and frameworks come…

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Business planning love affair forever

Business planning can be like magic.

Business planning, how to fall in love with it Many people spend more time planning their holidays than they do on creating an effective business planning for their business. The concept of falling in love with business planning never crosses their mind. However, the more attention you put into the process of business planning, like…

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Planning mistakes limit good outcomes  

Analysis can deliver inspired results.

Planning mistakes often involve too much information In avoiding common planning mistakes remember business plans are not measured by weight. When is a 25-page business plan better than a 200-page business plan? The answer is always, small enough to do the job. You will find that most investors have a mental checklist of five to…

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Marketing blunders send businesses broke

Marketing blunders are expensive.

If you keep making marketing blunders you can go bust. Digital technology is continuing to open up whole new ways of marketing and avoiding the usual marketing blunders. Digital marketing has evolved to the point that it is now starting to dominate how small business and non-profits do their marketing. The big question is, how…

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Business model performance importance

A good Business Model excites people.

Every business needs a Business Model that works well all day, every day? The Business Model must capitalise on the unique value of your business, opportunity or project provides? Does your model deliver worthwhile outcomes for prospective customers? Will it form lasting relationships and create advocates? Does it show how you will make the money you…

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Leadership challenges everyones ability

Your leadership must be in alignment with your vision.

Today’s leadership challenges There are many overarching challenges you have to contend with today. Such as wars, terrorism, political inaction, global warming, crime and drugs tend to weigh heavily on us making it difficult to fulfil commitments to investors and other stakeholders without good leadership. Religious scandal, violent crime, high divorce rates, substance addictions and youth…

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Succession planning delivers payback

Succession planning eliminates problems.

Succession planning can remove many problems and frustrations Succession Planning takes a comprehensive approach to assist in structuring an orderly transition of management, key employees and organisation sustainability. Deciding where the business will go in the future should be a primary objective is because you want it to have a smooth journey. Family, employees, contractors and…

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