High-performance builds communities

Technology will drive future high-performance

Artificial Intelligence leads to high-performance communities. Artificial Intelligence should now be on every communities agenda. Of course, only if you want to be a high-performance community. Recognised both domestically and internationally, Australia’s electronics and information technology industries are highly valued. They are seen as critical enablers and drivers of innovation in many industry sectors. We…

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Automation improves outcomes efficiently

Automation makes life easier

First, learn about what is possible Policies and tools to manage the user’s ability to handle marketing automation are rapidly developing. While access to product and service information and applications, is relatively advanced, marketing automation is still in the early stage of adoption. The rapid adoption of mobile devices and their management is a crucial…

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Community infrastructure outlook matters

Community infrastructure could be letting the community down.

Creating traction with technology and frameworks Stay focused and avoid putting the community’s aspirations on hold. Communities have abilities, traits, and intelligence to work help build community infrastructure. Developing these to their fullest extent could be thought of as developing our potential, or capacity to do the job. This is where technology and frameworks come…

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Mashups create innovative solutions

Mashups create innovation

Entrepreneurial mashups can quickly lead to innovation The term mashups came out of the computer industry, where they used ideas from more than one source to create a single new product or opportunity. Today it can be applied to anything. Think about food and all the nice dinners you can create with unrelated ingredients. Perhaps watch…

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Marketing blunders send businesses broke

Marketing blunders are expensive.

If you keep making marketing blunders you can go bust. Digital technology is continuing to open up whole new ways of marketing and avoiding the usual marketing blunders. Digital marketing has evolved to the point that it is now starting to dominate how small business and non-profits do their marketing. The big question is, how…

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Positive differences accelerate dreams

Leverage your positive differences.

Positive differences to the way you operate   No matter what business or industry you are in, chances are that money is tight, competition is fierce and you are not achieving your aspirations. You probably have a website,  your marketing, you may even blog, and do everything you can to stand out. Making positive differences can…

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Creative innovation addresses reality

Good businesses require creative innovation

Making innovation a reality, become creative Creative innovation starts with an original idea or discovery. Any original concept, new or improved device, product, material, business model, process or service can be considered an innovation. The true test of whether an innovation can become a business success is when: It becomes accepted by the marketplace. A new business model, process improvement translates into cost…

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Customers first choice supplier

Customer first choice supplier is hard to beat.

Becoming your customers first choice supplier The story of buying and selling and becoming customers first choice supplier is a challenging experience for both buyers and sellers. Making a purchase can be a long-drawn-out process of consideration, negotiation and doing the transaction. The customer’s experience has now become the critical part of the sales process.…

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Challenges, stressors small business face

There will always be challenges to face.

Challenges and stressors always present a right and wrong way to address them There are right ways and wrong ways to approach your future challenges. Doing nothing is not an option as the struggles will continue. Starting and running a business is a big achievement. However, maintaining profitable growth and sustainability is the larger challenge. There are many…

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Technology improves creative innovation

Technology and creativity can go hand in hand.

Technology and creativity have merged Research shows day-to-day problems are taking up as much as half of your workday. Particularly if an effective technology is not in place and being used. Without the effective use of technology, there is little time left for you to be actively creative. Interruptions make it almost impossible for you to…

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