Lifestyle Business Creation


The main feature of a lifestyle business is that it allows you to live how you want to live now while enjoying the independence of running your own business.

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In this Module you will receive: 16 Articles, 6 Tools, 12 Checklists


Today, many people yearn to improve their lifestyle. A way to do this is to create a new lifestyle business or, by adapting your existing business to better suit the lifestyle you are looking for. This package will help you to fast-track a new lifestyle business.

Creating a lifestyle business can be both exhilarating and challenging. FAQ Support’s Lifestyle Business Package will help to start your new journey or, convert your existing business and help you to set it on a sustainable course for years to come.

It’s essential to go through a preliminary personal assessment. It forces you to think about the viability and potential of your lifestyle business idea.

The Lifestyle Business Creation Kit includes a selection of 16 articles, 6 tools, 12 checklists and 19 presentations that you will find reliable, practical, useful and helpful. They will save you a lot of time and money while overcoming many problems and frustrations. The kit will help you to make your journey more enjoyable.

Examples of subjects covered

The materials cover over 50 important topics dealing with lifestyles such as:

  • Wanting a lifestyle business but have no ideas.
  • Are you ready for a new lifestyle?
  • Quitting your ‘real job’ to live again by jumping off the ‘treadmill’.
  • An approach to starting a lifestyle business.
  • Planning your lifestyle business, saving time and money.
  • Matching your business to your lifestyle.
  • Businesses for younger and older people.
  • Taking your dreams to reality.
  • Running a successful lifestyle business.
  • Changing your existing business.
  • Home office and your lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle success inhibitors.
  • Wisdom about changing your lifestyle.
  • And much more…

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