Reality checks building better futures

Reality requires action to change.

What is your current reality?

The reality is often hard for many people to accept. Close your eyes and imagine yourself building a better future, what do you see yourself doing and when would you like to do it. When you look at your current reality, do you feel there’s something missing in your life or you’re always waiting for something to arrive? This blog is about helping you have a reality check on your aspirations.

You’re waiting for the future to arrive because you think it will be better there. The problem is in order to have the future you would like, something has to change. If you’re waiting for luck to bring it to you, forget it, it won’t happen. You have to make it happen, that is the reality.

Good futures are built one brick at a time

Some people don’t worry about the future because there’s not much they can do about it, it will come despite anything they might do. They think all they have to do is stay where they are and deal with whatever comes in the best way they can. While other people are setting themselves up so they have an income for life. Once they achieve this, they don’t ever have to work again, unless they want to. Even if you’re current reality is deep in debt, there is always something you can do about it.

You only create stress and anxiety when you have fearful thoughts about the future, based on your current reality. All the ‘What if’ scenarios emerge in your imagination, regrets about the past come back to haunt you, and that feeling of well-being becomes a distant memory. You all know through experience that when you lose yourself in an enjoyable moment, time stands still and your mind clears. So in order to think, reflect and plan your better future, pick your moments.

Understand the feelings about your future reality now?

Even if your present situation is challenging, you can alter the reality. By being mindful of what is possible, you become more focused on the future and more likely to take the necessary actions. Don’t fight against your present reality, just acknowledge it and develop a new mindset to move on, you will find it much less stressful. You will always face some challenging and stressful situations because they will always be part of your life, you just need to confront them.

Any concern about the future is an illusion as it has not happened yet. Anxiety therefore only exists in your thoughts and you have the power to change those thoughts. Few negative emotions will be experienced when you are truly focused on a better future.

The reality is, your past is not where your potential is. At any time you can choose to liberate your future. Learning to live in the present moment is exciting. Discarding the negative aspects of your past allows you more room for positive thoughts and hope. Being more positive helps you to forget, or at least minimise bad situations about your past.

Do a reality check, what’s holding you back?

Building a better future is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design now. I urge you to reach out to your future. While it has been on your mind, it is not something you should ignore. You don’t want to be looking back with regret anymore. Clearly, establish what is holding you back and take action today.

You have an old mindset

Getting into the mindset of living in the present is an important reality for your future. Your mindset needs to adopt the concept of living in the present and being clearly focused on the future. You need to stop paying attention to distressing, emotionally or harmful events that happened in your past. Doing this will help you to achieve your goals for the better future you seek.

Lack of personal belief

Continually dwelling on your past and the bad situations that occurred lower your belief level. Without belief nothing much ever happens for the right reasons. If you are unhappy with the way your future is unfolding, you need to start changing something or it’s going to stay the same until your belief levels rise.

You have no confidence

It is your mindset, tied up with your current reality and core beliefs, that undermines your self-confidence. You may feel something has been missing your entire life because a lack of confidence will always emphasise the downside of failure. You always feel guilty and have doubts at the back of your mind. By focusing on the positive aspects of your future you can improve your confidence which will help replace your negative thoughts with more positive ones and you will start to have better outcomes. If you are unable to do this, seek professional advice.

All you see are obstacles

Seeing obstacles in your way is a great demotivator. The reality may be that you have a lot of obstacles to overcome. However, on close analysis, the reality of what they actually are, can change, along with your thinking.  Most obstacles are not as bad as you originally thought. In many cases, obstacles can turn into opportunities if you take the time to analyse them.

Past experiences are holding you back

People can easily become trapped in their past, especially in their bad experiences. It’s easier sometimes to say you don’t care what happens than to explain the reasons why you want to build a better future. Your past has only one purpose and that is to learn from it. If you maintain the status quo, you will never grow.

Running away from your problems is a race you’ll never win

But you can minimise their impact on your better future. If you always do what you have always done, nothing will change. Face your problems and start striving for a better future today. Remember it is the bad times that help you to appreciate the good times, if we have learned from them.

Afraid of change is often the reality

Afraid that your ideas might not work out? How will you know what is possible if you remain afraid and fail to take the actions required to bring about the necessary changes? Good things happen when you stop taking the wrong actions. You may need to change your vision, objectives and strategies about your future. Keep in mind tomorrow is a new beginning, with no mistakes or failures in it.

Leaving family and friends

If you need to move you may be miserable leaving family and friends. This can be hard but, with modern transport and communications, nowhere near as hard as it used to be. If you don’t move away to pursue your dreams it can destroy you. This issue needs thinking through, so the new reality can move forward and stand the test of time.

Too many excuses

A person who really wants to build a better life away from their current reality will find a way and those who don’t will just find excuses. Standing up for what you want and believe in, regardless of the consequences, takes courage. It is not only your abilities that build a better future, it’s your choices. Don’t let excuses become a powerful de-motivator that locks you into your current reality.

Building a better future can become a reality

Be sure you are not running away from your problems because it is a race you’ll never win. While it’s never too late to start over, be sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Once start moving from your current reality and commit to building a better future, move fast and don’t try to be perfect. Like most things that are good, it takes the time to get it right and that is part of the enjoyment. Whatever you decide to do, be sure it will make you happy and fulfil your dream.

Security is an elusive goal – To find it you have to risk it. Feeling safe and secure is very valuable and worth working towards. But, the reality is most people err on the side of security. Don’t let insecurity block your progress.  Security will come about as you start to take positive actions. It is your mistakes and failures that are your best teachers. Sometimes progress can be hard to see, particularly if you don’t have a good plan to follow. Innovation and better use of technology will also ease the way forward.

The present is important – While the past is important and is something you can definitely learn from, the present is even more important, because it is where your starts to unfold. It is your current thoughts that trigger your emotions, focus your energy on what causes you to take action on potential future outcomes. Smaller organisations have a clear competitive advantage, they can become agiler in adapting to the future.

Let go of your fears – Fears are a part of your reality. Good things begin to happen when you face your fears. Your fears and struggles become part of your story. Fears are often hard to overcome and one of the reasons is because you do not allocate the time and courage to fight them. The happiness you will have in your future will depend on the quality of your current thoughts.

Grow hope – Have you ever thought about what will happen if you keep thinking about the past and all the problems you faced? Hope is not generated if you are stuck in the past. Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to your better future. If you want  everything to turn out well for your future, then don’t leave things to chance.

Learn something new, do something creative – Be choosy what you watch on TV, what you read and who you talk with. You become what you feed your mind, free up your time to learn or create something new. Your mind thrives on stimulation and a new skill or creative pursuit opens you up to new opportunities. Observe how you and the people around you feel when you outline your new future.

Set your new goals – Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your future reality.  Use goals for motivating yourself and turning your vision of your desired future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose the actions you need to take. Develop a new goal setting habit and make it stick? Don’t regret your goal setting of the  past, just learn from it and move forward. Your quality of life will increase the moment you begin to firmly establish new goals. Your journey should be a process of setting and achieving your goals.

Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail –  The famous quote by Charles Kettering has been proven to me over and over again.  If you stand up for yourself and believe in what you want to be doing in the future, that’s all that matters. It’s your life and your right to fail. How will you know if you don’t try?

Don’t be distracted by money issues – Financial matters, particularly cash flow will have a big impact on your future reality, but it is not the only thing . Managing money is time-consuming so you need to become financially savvy,  Raising more capital won’t necessarily guarantee success. The money will solve surprisingly few of your problems, so don’t become preoccupied with it. Capital should be raised with clear sight lines as to how it will be used in building your better future.

Have the plan to acquire customers from the outset – Every new venture needs to acquire new customers to make the business work. Ensure that your products and services will address the problems, frustrations, wants and needs of your customers. The reality is that customers will not flock to your business just because you are there.

Rely on your planning – A good Business Plan well executed now is far better than a perfect plan arriving in a few months. A good plan helps you identify your customers and competitors and develop a strategy to make your business stand out. It assists you to integrate all the parts of your business and ensure a systematic approach to developing products and services to create an outstanding customer’s experience. The One-Page Business Plan will help you get started,

Technology is probably the most neglected asset –  In the current business environment, information and communication technology is recognised as not only supporting current business strategies but providing opportunities previously unknown. Innovation and productivity gains are the essences of an organisation’s competitiveness and profitability. Information technology plays the critical lead role of an ‘enabler’.

Make better use of information and knowledge – Your measure of success will be determined by  what you do with what you have. So, it makes sense to acquire information and knowledge that is practical and useful for building you a better future. Your enthusiasm will open doors to information and knowledge that can deliver direction and achievement.

Go mobile – Having mobility and flexibility built into your working environment is not all about working from home. Mobility is about you and your employees working from wherever you want or, need to be. Working from home may not be a suitable option for everyone, but there are many new and different ways of working. If your working environment is enjoyable, it can have considerable benefits in productivity and employee morale. People now work in all sorts of places at all times of day and night and mobility is becoming increasingly important to them.

You don’t have to be aggressive – It’s tempting to buy into the idea that leaders must be aggressive and confrontational, but the truth is quite different. Most successful leaders actually take a more conciliatory approach behind the scenes. “Understanding the limits of confrontation and seeing the other side of any issue are key skills that leaders must master,

New lifestyle – Not happy with you job, or past experiences, been retrenched, need to readjust your business to suit your lifestyle? Like to move out of the city for a quieter country lifestyle?  Well, stop majoring in minor decisions and get moving. There has never been a better time to start your own lifestyle business, where opportunities abound.

Who said you can’t change anything – Ask yourself, “Can I go back to a certain situation and change it, or adapt it to my new thinking?” No matter how bad your past has been, there will always be something to learn from it.

Slow down, speed kills – If life were easy and not so fast, you wouldn’t think about the past, you would have already moved on. What is your recipe for building a lifestyle and a business that works? It’s easy to tell those people who understand how things work and those who have a strategy to create the results they want. Don’t keep stumbling along wishing and hoping and constantly complaining that you never seem to get a break, as you will be the loser. Start changing  the way you want to live and work. Change the culture you operate in and bring about a balance in your life. You make the breaks.

Make new friends – Friends are an essential part of your social life, without which you cannot enjoy the fruits of your labour. Good friends are not only great sounding boards, they brighten your lives.

Become healthier – Good health equals a healthy business, or is it the other way around? Good health is fundamental to maintaining and living life to the fullest. What will improve your health as you move to a better future?

Your reality check can identify what you leave behind?

Less bad days – You all have bad days where your moods leave something to be desired. Your baggage from the past can bring with it bad moods, which then causes negative energy to be passed to your new future. Dump the old baggage before it impacts your new future.

Stress – Stress has one of the worst impacts on your health. While you live in a fast-paced life you cannot eliminate completely, the reality of stress. In fact, some stress is good. Understand eustress (the good stress you generate doing what you enjoy) can have just as much impact on your life as distress.

Freedom at last – Something you all desire and treasure. Freedom is about doing whatever you want, whenever you want. Flexibility is a must in a modern work environment if you want a better future,

Avoid old habits recurring – What happens after you’ve tried new routines to avoid past mistakes and you find yourself slipping right back to where you started? Do you give up? Or try once more with renewed determination to make the new habits stick? They say if you practice a new habit for 30 days it will stick.

Your past is now only your history – While your history should be left in the past, there will be many valuable lessons to be taken from it. Don’t ignore your history, review it for new opportunities whose time has come.

Avoid the same old problems occurring – You don’t want the same old problems reoccurring.  You need to resolve any ongoing problems, so they don’t keep nagging you. Avoid the stressors of the past, you want to start living the new reality.

Low self-esteem must become a thing of the past – Focusing on the past can never help you boost your self-esteem and confidence. However, living the journey to a better future will definitely help you improve your self-esteem and confidence. You should be able to see it improving day by day, once you have your future vision in sharp focus.

Reality is taking your next actions

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting the rest of your life. Work with people you like, who treat you well and forget the ones who don’t. Stay focused on the solutions, not the problems. Have faith in your actions, take the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.

The basics of a new venture are important

“I’m very good at what I do, I’m going to start a business”. That’s great, but there is more to running a business than being technically competent. You need to start with the basics, because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing you will never be the best at it. However, to really enjoy what you’re doing make sure the basics are in place  and remember that great things never came from comfort zones.

Improved quality of life

This concept of a better quality of life will be slow to reality unless you are taking the right actions to improve it. Once you have determined what happened to cause a relapse in the quality of your life, decide what replacement behaviours you want to practice. The true quality of life could be found in picking up the pieces.

Break your old routines

Start today. Do something different every day to break bad habits and acquire beneficial ones. Get out of the rut and create new pathways to your future reality. Take a different route to work, get up earlier or, do something spontaneous.

Create your new Business Model and Business Plan

You need to start devoting quality time to these important documents. They outline your vision for the future, the structure of your organisation, the roles and responsibilities of the people involved, marketing, operational details and the financial arrangements. You need to show how your business model works and how it will perform well, all day, every day.

Become an active member of a community

It’s simple, engage and help your community and they will engage and help you. The reality is about creating new conversations, that will lead to new relationships, better health and better businesses as well as a nicer places in which to live.

Seek some practical advice

Sometimes you will find it difficult to see the reality of your situation . Seek advice from people who have had similar experiences to what you’re proposing. Business is too hard to do by yourself. The speed from now to when the reality of the better future comes about can be considerably speeded up with good advice.

Start your days in a positive way

Concentrate on your strengths instead of your weaknesses, on your positive attributes instead of your problems. The world doesn’t reward mediocrity, so it pays to avoid negativity and negative people. If you’re being held back by the negative people around you, maybe it’s time to change the people. You only have to prove things to yourself and your family, not the whole world.

Be aware of people making judgements

Are incorrect judgments being made about your decisions for your future? Probably, that is the reality of human nature. Your image in business is important, you need customers and prospects to make positive judgements about your business. Right or wrong, your customers and prospects will make snap judgments about you and your business. Unless you can afford to lose customers, you can’t afford to project an unprofessional image. Common marketing mistakes could inadvertently,

Great things never came from comfort zones

Stop comparing yourself to other people and build the future you want. It will be the choices you make, and the chances you take, that will determine the closeness to your desired and better future. Keep reminding yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, or what others expect of you. Don’t stress over things you can’t change. Doing the same old things, in the same old way, and expecting a different outcome is an impossibility.

Stay calm, stop stressing about your current reality, just let it happen

Things usually work out for the best, if you have planned well and done your homework. Never give up hope, because you never know, it could still happen. Whenever you feel weak, remember the things that make you feel strong.

Write yourself a letter

Dear past, thanks for all the lessons. Dear future, I’m now ready to take action and do whatever it takes to build my better future. Start now to accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence and face your future without fear. In the letter to yourself, you might find it useful to describe the old reality and compare it with the new, or proposed reality.

Don’t let too much of the past take up too much of today

It is so easy to dwell in the past that you can lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish for your better future.

Celebrate your successes

As you become more successful, don’t wait until you reach your better future. Enjoy the journey and the little successes along the way. It will be the celebrations that reinforce the new reality.

Do not give up

The beginning is always the hardest. It will take the time to make any major shifts towards a better future. Remember it is always darkest just before the dawn. It has taken you this long, so a little longer won’t really matter. Expect the right outcomes and keep working on the actions to make it happen. There are never any guarantees, only more opportunities to act upon. Make every day count and remember the small actions add up.



By helping your community it will respond more positively to helping you in taking your next actions.

Quotable quotes

“First comes thought; then organisation of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination”. Napoleon Hill

“Focus on the reality and keep doing the things that really work well for you”. Peter Sergeant


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