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What people are saying about FAQ Support

"I have been receiving business support and advice from FAQ Support for several years now and I have found their approach invaluable in application and relevance in today's ever changing economic environment"

Rod Wallace

"Peter, just a note to say how useful I find your daily emails.  They focus my thinking and increase the motivation for me to take the actions needed! All the best from the Top End of Australia".

Ken Graham

"Peter oozes energy, hard to keep up with, always with new strategies and always positive"

Steve Shirvington

"What I most value about FAQ Support's advice/suggestions in the daily emails, Making Breakthroughs, is that they constantly test and stimulate my business brain. Whilst I can't physically act on and achieve every one of these, they keep me thinking about personal and business achievements and they provide an insight as to what's happening in the wider business world".

Anthony Sarks

"I very much enjoy receiving the FAQ Support materials. While I am mainly involved with farming I find that the advice, observations and comments are most stimulating and provide me with “food for thought”, which enables me to consider day to day decisions a little deeper than I otherwise would".

Allan Hawke

""I have known Peter for about 18 months and we have had many discussion relating to small businesses and business opportunities in general".  "Peter is very keen to get business people like me motivated".  "One way to motivate is to communicate regularly, Peter sends out regular business tips, helpful quotes and hints that are thought provoking". 

Stan Williams

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Assisting you to choose, start up and run successful businesses and improving lifestyles.


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Creating jobs, opportunities and the regeneration of regional communities.

Receive access to problem-solving and decision-making information, knowledge and support.

Help to integrate consistent development activities, with practical inexpensive “know how”.

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