Improve your outcomes by tapping into years of practical experience and research in communities, their businesses, non-profit organisations and advisors.

Access reliable, practical, useful and affordable ways to improve your business outlook.

As businesses everywhere try to navigate today’s unpredictable future, we want you to enjoy learning what you need to survive and grow profitably and sustainably while decreasing the struggles.

Businesspeople today are looking to create a more flexible, more mobile working environments and generating new opportunities following adversities.

We focus on solving the problems, frustrations, and opportunities people in regional, rural, and remote communities have while taking advantage of the new circumstances people find themselves trying to triumph over.

Become part of the conversation which supports building sustainable futures. Join us to explore the key drivers which underpin our regional, rural, and remote communities. Do not start with a 'blank page', it is too frustrating and takes too long.

We are calling all visionaries, from start-up to maturity who want to become more action-orientated trailblazers and build a more prosperous future with confidence.

You can get access to all our tools, webinars, and support via our Clusters and Retreats programs. Contact us for details.

Our Vision

To provide thought leadership linked to practical systems, tools, processes and practical knowledge, for people to start and grow sustainable businesses in regional towns and villages.

Our Mission

To support those people who are interested in building:

  1. Better businesses
  2. Better farmers.
  3. Better non-profit organisations.
  4. Better advisors and mentors.
  5. Better health and well-being.
  6. Better communities.


Over the last 50 years, we have created one of the most substantial resources of reliable, practical, useful and helpful information and knowledge for regional, rural and remote communities, their businesses, non-profit organisations and their ecosystems and advisors.

The resource helps us to inexpensively create solutions for those looking for affordable, reliable and practical support in starting and growing profitable and sustainable businesses and helping to grow their communities.


We have focused on creating new conversations, which will lead to better relationships, better health and better businesses as well as exciting places in which to live.

Tap into and rely on our experience to support your future aspirations.

The challenges everyone in regional, rural and remote communities face:

  • Recovering from adversity, drought, floods, fire and the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • They are not fostering entrepreneurship to find better ways to adjust to a new future.
  • Starting and growing a business can be too hard doing it by yourself.
  • They are not finding ways to help customers cope with adversities.
  • Many lean too heavily on their understanding of the value they can offer.
  • They are not taking away the confusion associated with improving their 'customer experience'.
  • Creating ways, they can successfully address problems, frustrations, want and need.
  • They are having difficulty in finding new ways to help people to generate positive ideas and opportunities for the future.
  • Ensuring the right strategies are implemented to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • They are lagging in technology systems, tools and processes to increase capacity.
  • They are not applying creativity and innovation to cope and find hope.
  • Ecosystems with knowledge bases and not responsive enough for their value chains.

The challenge was to provide practical hands-on knowledge which could positively impact on the problems and frustrations regional people encounter and need to deal with successfully. The big question was, how do you provide quality support 24/7 which people can rely on to do what they need to do?

Perhaps a more significant challenge was to help people to propagate their concepts without being misunderstood and watered down. The essential factors we see as necessary to make things happen at a grassroots level and achieve the outcomes people are seeking.





The solution

In approaching how we might go about supporting what people wanted and needed, we focused on some key pillars, of a holistic approach.

  1. Retreats. To provide practical in-depth solutions to vexing issues.
  2. Daily Inspirations. Emails to provide inspirations and breakthroughs
  3. Blogs. To motivate improvements in various aspects of business
  4. The Knowledge Factory. To support us in providing us with quick, practical solutions.
  5. Research Initiatives. To help us all stay abreast of trends and issues.

We focus on stimulating, motivating and providing life-changing support and opportunities while facilitating the capacity of individuals in building their businesses, organisations and their communities. It involves identifying significant trends and issues and the use of digital technology.

We wish to acknowledge the openness, generosity and friendship of the many people and organisations who have supported us over the years while willingly sharing their history, experiences, ideas, problems, frustrations and passions with us, helping us to grow our research initiatives.