Achievers choose their words carefully.

Achievers don't understand losers.

Improve your point of view and become an achiever.

It can be hard to improve your outlook when you are under pressure of droughts or other adversities like the COVID-19 pandemic. Achievers often focus on a single word with the right tone to maintain a positive mindset.

In the business world, they get stuff done. Irrespective of status, entrepreneurs, billionaires, millionaires or a local small business owner, they know their attitude to learning and working on their language will make them an achiever.

In sports, they are the champions. The athletes we see who can compete at an extraordinary level of execution and flexibility. They make it look so “easy”. Yet when they lose, they hone their skills and seek perfection.

In the academic world, they are the ‘smarties’ who make it on to university. They too, have honed their skills and mastered the language in their chosen career.  

Some people see a better way forward; many don’t. You don’t need a giant telescope, just a change in the words you use every day. Mostly you just need to think before you speak.

Words consist of vibration and sound. It is these vibrations which create the very reality which surrounds us. Words are the creator; the creator of our universe, our lives, our reality. Without the right words, your thoughts can never create the reality you seek.

Words of the achieversWords of the losers
StructuresAd hoc
What words are you using?

Achievers achieve the right words and deliver with the right tone.

Achievers are far more effective and efficient because of the words they use. It’s easier to paddle a canoe on a calm lake, but you need something extra in rough weather.

Winning interactions and stability comes from using the right words at the right time, to avoid the extraordinary effort required to build and succeed with negative words.

Talent might be innate, even undeniable, but only conscientiousness allows it to shine genuinely. Good performers and high achievers strive towards set goals constantly evolving their goals to be bigger and their strategies better and more durable. They don’t stay on the same old railway line they make new tracks using better words.

Key Message: The right words lift people; the wrong words put people down.

Quotable Quotes.

“Winners can step back from the canvas of their lives like an artist gaining perspective. They make their lives a work of art; an individual masterpiece”. Denis Waitley

“Never confuse movement with progress”.  Dr Alan C Watts  OAM

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