Adjust activities to bring out the best possible outcomes.

What can you do in business during a crisis?

I’m guessing you’re not going out and doing things as much as you usually do and you need to adjust activities. In the Japanese language, the symbol for crisis has two symbols. Crisis = Danger + Opportunity.

Yes, I’m over 70 years old, and such adversity as COVID-19 has never happened in my lifetime. We can’t go out, and we can’t let anyone in.  At first, I felt a little scared about my future and the future of our regional, rural and remote communities, and what would happen to my business? 

As the impacts of the COVID-19 are becoming ever more apparent, our focus continues to be on standing together to support the regional communities we serve. Being an entrepreneur, it wasn’t long before I recovered my negative thoughts, and started looking at all the possibilities. Including the new currency?

Is ‘toilet paper’ the new currency?

Adjust activities to reduce the struggles you are having.

As a provider of frontline regional community services, we’re well aware of the additional pressure of social distancing measures. Uncertainty surrounding the CODIV-19 virus is having a negative impact on many people in our communities.

It’s why we’re focusing our attention on helpful tips to help you manage any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing. We want you to be able to help others and come through the crises and be much more robust and more capable than ever.

We are continuing to analyse the effect the virus has on regional communities and their business activities which will be so critical when the COVID-19 virus is under control.  To return to a healthier life, and we all need to be ready.

Now is the time for regional businesses to look and discover new ways of operating and new products and services which will be required as we all recover. Creativity and innovation must remain ‘top-of-mind’ if you are to make the most of the new future we face.

You can bring out your best if you adjust activities.

What brings out the best in you, and what brings out the worst in you during a crisis? Perhaps it is possible to adjust your activities, so you can show up more often in situations which bring out the best in your and for your organisation? Can you have a new plan or an itinerary which will make it more likely the world around will become what you need it to be?

Ideal situations are often rare, now more so than ever. But we can redefine our ‘ideal situation’ if we choose.

Anything you can do to build and nurture your customers will pay off later. However, it is vital to keep in mind customers will be making decisions a little differently than they would have just a few months ago.

“Activating Foresight and Insight in Adversity” is a tool you can use to help refocus your activities. Contact us for a copy,

Key Message: You will not be able to cope with a different future without starting to think differently about what business will be like in the future, and doing it now.

Quotable Quotes.

“Doing and thinking are critical; if something feels right, take action, and you’ll learn the things you like about it and the things you don’t like about it”. Peter sergeant

“Win big by starting small, thinking big and scaling quickly”. Peter Sergeant

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