Adversity creates demand for advisors and mentors.

Adversity creates demand for more services.

Any adversity creates the need to change.

Right now, for better or worse, adversity creates demand for a whole range of services. Everyone is undergoing a personal evolution, spending more time at home than they have for a long time. Couples are communicating more frequently, as everyone has to consider new priorities and working together on new plans.

In times of such adversity like this, advisors and mentors have an opportunity to help. They will be in short supply as people find it more and more challenging to plan their future lives and businesses with any degree of certainty.

Despite an abundance of information and training programs, nothing is going to replace the power of personalised support and advice. Many are struggling for the first time in their lives, many others have become a shadow of their former self, and strategic intervention will become an essential input.

During my life as an advisor coach and mentor, I’ve seen anything as disruptive as the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be difficult to provide definitive advice to clients in the coming months. However, everyone will need practical advisors and mentors to help them sort through all the new problems and frustration they face.

Most people will struggle with the changes they have to make.

In the current crisis, you can play defence in your business and try to minimise your losses, or you can play offence and find new ways to adapt and thrive. We think the latter offers more opportunity and more peace of mind, which is why advisors and mentors will be in high demand as time moves on, and people turn their thoughts to recovery.

Adversity creates no shortage of opinions.

While there is so much debate about what will happen over the coming months, two things seem clear:

  1. People will need as much help with their lives and their businesses as they can get.
  2. Anybody who can deliver value over the internet or phone has a considerable advantage.

Again, what we are facing right now is not insurmountable. It’s not to say nothing has changed. But, if you’re thinking of engaging an advisor or mentor, or becoming one, it’s a pivotal time. You just have to make sure you don’t waste a single opportunity.

We’ve faced hard times in the past and have overcome them time and time again, so not to make light of it with the right level of focus the next few months will be no different. Be sure to position yourself to shoot out of this like a rocket. In these trying times, shouldn’t you make sure you have the skills and support you need?

We are in the midst of a global health and economic crisis which is shutting down businesses, creating panic in the financial markets and wreaking havoc on the psyches of people around the world.

It means we have to do things differently. It means we have to provide massive value for very little investment to our clients. We have to be prepared to give our customers more value than they pay us for it.

Don’t think you are alone in times of adversity. Contact us for a copy of our tool, “What Advisors Can Do”,

Key Message: The main reason struggle is because they don’t have systems, tools and processes they genuinely believe in and are relying on wishing and hoping for better outcomes.

Quotable Quotes.

“Be aware; while some things are harder to do today, some things are much more manageable when your business has the right foundations, and you keep operations simple, so people simply understand”. Peter Sergeant

“There is never a ‘best time’ to identify and fix the holes in your systems and processes”. Peter Sergeant.

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