Adversity delivers new opportunities.

Adversity delivers to those who are aware.

Adversity delivers benefits to most smaller businesses.

Adversity delivers many opportunities for small nimble businesses. The drought, floods, fires and now the COVID-19 pandemic have economy changing capacity and are undoubtedly going to benefit many businesses, and yours could be one of them. 

The places who have it the worst have undergone many changes to their lifestyle and completely changed how they behave during this time. Until resolved, it is something which no one is welcoming but a situation you need to accept and take seriously.

But is it wrong to say some businesses have managed to increase their revenue and work amid the crisis are thriving? Some companies are flourishing and are making the best out of a bad situation.

We’re in difficult and historical times, which will create opportunities for many, so, it begs the question, “ How are you going to make the most of them? Are you thinking of finally creating your own home-based business, and are you looking to discover new opportunities which will:

  • Liberate your creativity and your potential for innovation-driven opportunities.
  • Let you work with customers across the world from wherever you are.
  • Enable you to create positive transformation for customers and their families.
  • How well has your company adapted to the COVID-19 situation?

Perhaps a review of some guidelines on starting a new business can help you to focus on what you need to do.

Thinking like a start-up and do some strategic thinking to help reveal opportunities.

Clear heads and strategic thinkers will prevail.

You need a clear-headed approach to coping with the situation in which you find yourself.  There will be many who won’t make it. However, you can come through if you employ a sensible survival plan and maintain a high level of commitment.

Understand the things working against you and seek help to overcome them. It’s usually too hard doing it by yourself. Understand the resources you have and what is available to you and keep your stakeholders close.

If you want any of these things, make a start on specifying the new normal for your family, business and your community. Although there are some industries not currently needed, there are some which should allow you to make the progress you want and need.

The critical point about small businesses is that they are easy to start-up today, particularly when they engage experienced advisors and mentors.

If you are having difficulties coping with adversity, understanding your approach could prove worthwhile. Contact us for our tool “Characteristics of Effective Directors”,

Key Message: Remain confident and optimistic in times of turbulence, and be ready to catch opportunities flying about, while you learn how to survive and thrive, in difficult times.

Quotable Quotes.

“Why not put yourself in a position for a month with just an idea, your laptop, and your phone, and only using what you have to generate opportunities starting from scratch”. Peter Sergeant.

“It’s your life; you have the time to use it wisely to create the lifestyle you want. Turn crisis into opportunity, grow lucrative ideas while you discover your unique value”. Peter Sergeant

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