Adversity demands dramatic changes.

Adversity causes dramatic changes we weren't expecting.

Adversity demands a massive shift to a new way of life.

As you may have noticed, adversity demands change, as businesses move online with a vengeance. Unfortunately, many are scurrying around trying to cope with the new technologies as their business started to stall as walk-in customers disappeared almost overnight.

It’s not like we couldn’t go online, all along, it took the COVID-19 virus to give everyone a big wake-up call all over the world. Lack of preparedness and the required talent became apparent to even the oldest and most significant businesses.

So many people now realise it’s possible to run their business, if not entirely, then at least partially online. And bingo, they many suddenly realised they could attract customers from all over the world. Their backyard suddenly became more abundant and more exciting, as they started to do business with people they had never met before.

When we are forced into isolation, we must use the time to do some strategic thinking.

On Wednesday, March 11, the World Health Organisation held a media briefing to declare the COVID19 outbreak a global pandemic. The impact of the virus was sudden and cruel, and even though few people died in our country, many will suffer the consequences of no vaccinations for many years to come.

Adversity causes us to rethink everything we do.

  • Companies instructed their employees to work from home and online.
  • Shoppers were panic buying.
  • Major sporting events cancelled everywhere.
  • The education system from schools to universities started closing.
  • International travel severely curtailed.
  • Value and supply chains disrupted severely, and imbalances exposed.
  • Many businesses, both large and small, failed.

A few years ago, it still seemed that many businesses weren’t ready for 100% virtual relationships, but now they are.  We are in extraordinary times which demands extraordinary action on everybody’s part.

Many feel vindicated for having established home-based business. While businesses depending on foot-traffic are being interrupted, they continue with a surge of new activity.

This virus pandemic should become a big wake-up call.

For all businesses, farmers, non-profits and governments to pay more attention to risk management without becoming risk-averse. Many are in for a hard slog, but there will be an end to it. Right now, it is the best time to initiate new initiative to propel you into a better future.

The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly transforming today’s business environment, and most companies are struggling to understand its short- and long-term implications. If the marketplace is unlikely to return to virus conditions anytime soon, how will your business and its people adapt?

Use this time to take in new practical knowledge which will help you to build the best life you can for you and your family. Further useful information is the key to making a better future open up to you.

Information and knowledge are everywhere, and it’s continually multiplying. That’s why planning for ‘big data’ to support your customers, and your business is more critical now than ever.

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Key Message: Perhaps now, adversity demands us to engage in entrepreneurial thinking to help with problem-solving and decision-making as you try to visualise the future.

Quotable Quotes.

“While this is the first pandemic caused as a result of a coronavirus, it also is the first pandemic that can be controlled”. Dr Tedros

“The spread of irresponsible and opportunistic messaging about the COVID19 virus needs to be controlled. We must learn how the misinformation spreads like the virus”. Peter Sergeant

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