Adversity support can make a difference.

Adversity support is critical.

You can help people struggling with adversity.

Now is the time to create a new normal and be willing to provide adversity support, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Local businesses need to be responsive and adaptive, and they need you to be as well and support them to stay open and operating. There is never a time with perfect conditions paving the way for you to go forward, you must make a start.

We all must support each other to ensure our businesses get through this terrible time, sustain employment and keep our regional, rural and remote economies as secure and vibrant as we possibly can.

Boosting everyone’s performance is the most valuable thing you can do as a leader right now. I’ve committed to utilising local and  Australian regional products and services every day, and it does become infectious as well.

COVID-19 has changed the world, and there’s higher stress, and anxiety levels in the collective psyche, perhaps more than many of us have experienced in our lifetimes.

Help people to deal with this little green monster.

Ways to challenge adversity Support.

A good start is to use proper planning practices to refocus and shed light on your future possibilities. Planning can help you to bring tomorrow into today so that you can do something about it.

  • Keep your family and friends closer.
  • Avoid negativity and negative people.
  • Beware of ill-informed people and their opinions.
  • Discover as many possibilities in adversity support as you can.
  • Gather around you people who care and share.
  • Seek out, practical advisors and mentors.
  • Remove as many stressors as you can.
  • Help others if you want them to help you.
  • Discover the best possible outcomes for your future.

Adversity gives you a real opportunity to become creative and innovative in the way your business helps people to move quickly into a better future.

People who rebound from adversity begin by believing they are capable of finding a way forward. If you feel hopeless and powerless, it’s unlikely you’ll find a way to a good outcome. You have to have confidence and a strong belief in your capabilities to overcome difficulty.

You have to be open-minded and willing to leverage your talents.

Know-how and ingenuity to overcome adversity. If you need more inspiration, consider the story of Walt Disney, who was fired from his first job for not being creative enough, and went to 1,700 banks before he was able to get the money to build Disneyland.

I know uncertainty grows and spreads with the COVID-19 virus. Everyone is worried about the coming months, so this is your reminder to stay centred, to adopt a role model mindset, and keep positive and moving ahead with your family, friends and business stakeholders.

What can you dream up which may fix the COVID- virus problems? If you lean on your own understanding, you may never be able to contribute.

The stakes have never been higher, and your health and fitness have never been more critical if you are going to cope with the long haul.  Make nutrition, exercise and having plenty of sleep a priority. You can’t focus and be productive if you’re tired. You need to fuel your mind, body, and spirit with a regular good nights sleep.

It’s hard to recover if you are going in the wrong direction, or ‘missed the train’. Contact us for ways you might be able to improve your support services,

Key Message: What is the worst thing which could happen to you, and what would you do it it did? No one else knows what they’re doing either. We’re must continue making it up as we continue to become more action-orientated.

Quotable Quotes

“Life becomes a lot easier and less stressful to deal with when you share your thoughts, frustrations and worries. Struggling with the issues is too hard doing it by yourself”. Peter Sergeant

“Many businesses continue to struggle because they fail to align all the parts of their business with what they want and need to do”. Peter Sergeant

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