Are you able to recognise an entrepreneur?

While a person can learn many entrepreneurial characteristics, phoney entrepreneurs have big ego’s and are easily spotted. They think entrepreneurs have an air of wealth about them and all the trappings of success. Fortunately, they don’t fool many people because they spend their time focusing on their ego instead of the job at hand.

Many people find it challenging to deal with me because I am an entrepreneur, primarily due to their lack of understanding of my entrepreneurial characteristics. But, interestingly, I am the first one they phone when they are in trouble, have a problem or going through a crisis. They may not know I am an entrepreneur, but they know I can solve problems.

I feel sorry for business people who see themselves as entrepreneurs simply because they have owned a small business even though it has not grown and nor have they. Entrepreneurs are born, so just trying to think like one does not make you one. Every business and family should take steps to identify entrepreneurs, who can help them make a difference.

I have also met others who have grown a big business, which took a couple of decades, whereas a true entrepreneur would have built it in half the time. While others who have received inheritances or redundancy payouts start a business believing they were entrepreneurs and wonder why it slipped backwards.

A misunderstood entrepreneurial characteristic.

Contrary to the belief of many, entrepreneurs are not significant risk-takers. It is one of the most commonly misunderstood facts regarding entrepreneurial characteristics. They are moderate risk takers and can tolerate reasonable risk levels, but good entrepreneurs temper risk with reality. Importantly they are prepared to put themselves out there, constantly putting their reputation at stake, where others hide behind something.

Entrepreneurs tend to analyse the risks early, and when they present a case, they focus on the positive aspects, while others focus on the negative. Consequently, they are seen as significant risk-takers because they don’t appear to pay attention to risks and negativity. However, they enjoy the excitement created by danger, as long as it’s not too severe.

There is one thing entrepreneurs are not afraid of, and that is being successful. They know you need to take chances and gamble. It’s about calculating those risks. And in times of doubt, trust your gut feeling to move forward or move on to the next project. Entrepreneurs work with an urgency that can frighten some people but balance this with a focus on long-term goals.

When you look at some high-flying entrepreneurs and their spectacular failures, entrepreneurship can be unrecognised. Every entrepreneur makes mistakes, but a good set of values does not guide every entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are mostly a force for good, but a few are evil in intent and give entrepreneurs a bad name.

Quotable Quotes.

“Entrepreneurship is the best hope for building better regional, rural and remote communities after adversity”. Peter Sergeant

“Your strategy without entrepreneurial input might be nothing more than a wish list”. Peter Sergeant

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