Attracting talented employees, volunteers

Attracting good people is not done using luck.

Business can be too hard doing it by yourself

Business and sometimes life in general, “can be too hard doing it by yourself”. Your future can be better than you think and if you are attracting and associating with good people. If they have similar values to your own, it can make all the difference to your business and your life. But, you don’t meet good, like-minded people by watching TV and keeping your own company.

I have always been an extrovert and have interacted with all sorts of people. From the down-and-out, to corporate leaders, politicians, presidents of international corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit and community leaders.  I realise there are people who don’t share my enthusiasm for interaction with other people. However, they need to be encouraged to get out and meet each other, particularly if they are interested in attracting good people to their business.

Good people are looking for the right home

There are good people out there who want to work with you, support you and be a good friend. You may sometimes feel you are alone. People are not interested, but if you take a few simple steps to attract good people, you’ll find there are more than you can handle. Helping good people that you value is important, it delivers a bonus, more good connections are made.

There will be times when the association or friendship doesn’t work out favourably. Someone may turn against you or disappoint you, but  this is sometimes par for the course. However, at the very least they can provide you with important attitudes in your learning curve.  Irrespective of, whatever happens, it is critical not to allow setbacks to question your judgement. Don’t let things hinder potentially positive connections and opportunities in attracting the best people.

Don’t worry about finding good, positive, supportive people. Because the more you grow, the better equipped you become in finding those people who are compatible with you and your vision for the future.

I don’t believe it is hard to find good people if you’re willing to stand up for what you believe in. Live in a way that is congruent with your values and beliefs, and look for good people with similar values and get to know them. Never overlook the fact that you have the ability to change someone and their approach to work and business.

Often it can be better to train someone from scratch to achieve the desired outcomes for all parties, don’t pre-judge a person until you know them.   Every person you ever meet knows something you don’t. So make sure you don’t underestimate a person’s potential until they have been working with you for a few months.

Attracting good people

Are the people you spend the most time with compatible with your values and goals and those of your business? If not, you may be held back by associating with them. Keep in mind it is the business with the best value chain that wins.

When you spend time with others who have similar values and goals and are making progress by improving your value chain, then you are likely to have greater success. It’s no good having a great vision  without great people to help you with the execution of it.  Following are some ideas to help you attract the right people:

  • Spend more time with positive people in positive environments where you feel most comfortable.
  • Make a list of people you like and trust and spend time with them comparing your important goals and values with these people.
  • Identify what you value in friends and/or employees.
  • Identify where this type of person spends their time (club, Church, social groups, sporting groups, local business groups, seminars, gym).
  • Make the effort to go to these places to meet with them.
  • When you find a person with common interests, always exchange contact details.
  • Follow them up and arrange another meeting over a cup of coffee.
  • You hire attitude and character, you can train people on most other things.
  • Look for the good in people, the bad parts are usually insignificant, in most people.
  • Be prepared to pay them well. You don’t pay good wages because you have a lot of money; you have a lot of money because I pay good wages.

Be selective, not everybody will be able to help you

When you take action, the limitations of what you believe to be possible may start to dissipate. This, in turn, gives you the capacity to consider attracting new people. People with new ideas, new concepts and new opportunities that you may have thought were out of  reach.

The average person knows about 300 people. That’s a lot of people to start expanding your network and attracting new people. There is an old saying , “you are a wealthy man if you die with ten really good friends”. When I first heard this, I didn’t believe anyone could have so few friends, I thought I had hundreds.

As you become older and particularly if you have a major failure, you soon sort out your friends. Believe me, the really good ones are in fact few and far between. I certainly had plenty of acquaintances and hangers-on. It’s amazing the number of people who will ‘hang around’ because they think you are going to lead them to the Promised Land. What will amaze you more is that they will make little if any, contribution to help you in anticipation.

Some years ago I purged my database of contacts I had accumulated over the years. I eliminated more than 6,000 contacts. They had just become names with no further contact of any substance since  exchanging business cards. When looking at the people who can help you in attracting people to your business, think carefully before asking for favours.

Surround yourself with great people

The people I  surround myself with consist of old friends, inspirational people I have done business with, entrepreneurs and people I admire. I have never lived my life according to anyone else’s expectations. I have been ridiculed and criticised, but it will not stop me from living and attracting the people I want in my life.

Surround yourself with positive, high-energy people who are always trying to improve themselves and who will support you and your aspirations. Avoid negative people as they are vexatious to the spirit. They will always try to pull you down to their level. Don’t settle for less or live in fear of what others might think of you and what you are doing. Play your own song and be proud of it.

There will be people who will challenge you which can be good, as long as they’re doing it for the right reasons and not selfish reasons of their own.  Be sure the people who challenge you have congruent values, or they will screw up your thinking and attitude. Run your business and live your life by being a good example to others. You may have people resist you at first, but they will come around if your values are good and you are sincere.

If people know you are willing to help your employees achieve their goals, it will be easier when trying to attract the right motivated people.


Surround yourself with great people. “It can be too hard doing it by yourself”.

Mobility and the new working environment

Good people now work in all sorts of places at all times of day and night. Mobility is becoming increasingly important to them and understanding mobility could be your answer in attracting the right people. Having mobility and flexibility built into your working environment is not all about working from home. Mobility is about you and your employees working from wherever you want or, need to be.

Working from home may not be suitable for everyone, but there are many new and different ways of working. If your working environment is enjoyable, it can have considerable benefits in productivity and employee morale. This will go a long way towards attracting more good people.

The modern employee is a mobile employee. This means that the best business decision you can make is to hire people who can be relied upon to do great work in a mobile environment. Hiring the right people will make your business run smoothly and efficiently and as a bonus, you will save money. Hiring the wrong people can be the most costly mistake you can make.

Is outsourcing a good strategy?

Outsourcing is growing at a rapid rate, and businesses are seeing it as an alternative to achieve their strategic objectives. By outsourcing you can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and provide efficiency improvements. Outsourcing is important for smaller businesses in growing profits and sustainability. It makes it easier when it comes to attracting the right skills, in the right quantity.

If you want to compete against bigger companies, outsourcing may give you the answers you are looking for, Ask yourself, “Why would some of the best supply chain experts in the world decide to outsource”?  If this is a strategy you decide to adopt, the same engagement principles apply to attracting the best people and organisations.

Today, if you are not outsourcing non-core activities or activities beyound your expertise, then your futue will be very limited. You you will find out hopefully sooner than later, that the more you outsource the better your performance.

Attracting good people takes personal responsibility

Take full responsibility for your business and your personal networks. Lead by example in the ‘real-world’ and on the Internet, after all, you’re responsible for your business success and the people you’re attracting to your business. You’re the Managing Director of your life, you are the boss.  When you accept the results regarding attracting people, without casting blame, and learn from your failures, only then will you achieve what you want and have the right people in your life.

Practice authentically connecting with your team and the people you know.  Pick prospective talent and really take the time to get to know them. Learn their story,  where have they come from, what have they gone through. Learn about their family and their community. What are they trying to achieve through their work .

Now relate what youlearn to something in your life and create an authentic connection. This will give you an ability to truly empathise with them Try it with a few people you know, because once you start to understand you can inspire and motivate all sorts of people to a common goal. When people trust you they will follow your vision and where you lead them to.

If what you’re doing now is not attracting people, then you need to change. You can’t keep doing what you have been doing, in the same old way and expect to get different outcomes. Average behaviour only achieves average results, which is why you need to take the ‘bull by the horns’ and be bold. Don’t  do ordinary things and expect extraordinary results, life doesn’t work that way. Besides it’s more fun even if you’re a ‘tall poppy’ and people are trying to knock you down, at least you know you’re getting somewhere.

When you’re active in attracting people, put yourself and your beliefs out there and be proud of them. All that matters is you’re attracting good people. It can be difficult to see the picture when it’s you inside the frame, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone you trust. Eventually, one of two things will happen, you’ll realise you made the wrong choice or the right one. Either way, you will add to your experience and learning. 

Quotable quotes

“I hire people brighter than me and I get out of their way.”  Lee Iacocca

“If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don’t have to manage them”. Jack Welch

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