Backup, recovery challenges stop failure

Backup files to avoid business failure

Without appropriate backup, your business is at risk

How exposed are you to data recovery after data corruption, hackers, employee theft and fire?  Across regional, rural and remote communities I have come across many who have every confidence their data, information and knowledge is safe. Can you rely totally on your backup and recovery procedures?

Now is the time to assess the quality of the recovery of your data, tomorrow might be too late, it has gone. Even if it is recoverable, it could cost you plenty to have it restored.

Far too many take little or no precautions against recovery uncertainty and disaster. Most computer applications in use today were introduced over a decade ago. ITC environments were exploding, without much uniformity, and backup was the protection of last resort. Backups and recovery today needs a radical rethink.

The goal should be to provide low-cost insurance for data and to support this increasingly complex multitier and diverse environment. With many companies, their information and knowledge is by far their most valuable asset.

The answer has been to patch together backup and recovery solutions under a common vendor management framework. This is supposed to minimise costs by moving data across the infrastructure, or media.

Backups need to be reliable

Backing up has now created challenges for managing data. Restoring and updating data is, more than ever, required to be fast and dependable. So, what has changed?

  • IT departments have moved toward private cloud models
  • Virtualisation and converged architectures are replacing multi-tier architectures
  • The amount of data under management has exploded
  • IT is now being challenged to do more with less
  • Teams are now composed of fewer specialists in broader roles
  • Public and hybrid clouds have opened up new data uses, such as analytics.

Most  IT professionals considering a backup investment should cover old assumptions which are still relevant.  To securely back up the company’s valuable data, information and knowledge, a new approach is more than likely needed.


If in doubt, sing out.


Don’t lean on your own understanding

You should discuss backup and recovery along with the use of Cloud Data Management. This will provide opportunities for protecting data, capturing new value, and making data available whenever wherever it is needed.

With all this in mind, the critical requirement for any backup and recovery solution is to take business level requirements for recovery time and data recovery. Otherwise known as Service Level Agreements (SLA), and to translate them into a set of instructions for gathering, placing, retaining, and expiring data.

The main problem with traditional backup and recovery systems is the translation from business requirements to platform executable instructions. This can require professional services. Traditional solutions lack the intelligence to optimise resources to avoid failed backups. It, in turn, leads to ongoing tuning and often sometimes new software.

The best way to evaluate your current system is to ask an executive to pick some data at random and see how close they come to achieving recovery. Compared it to what they thought it should be. Compare this to the cost of downtime if recovery cannot be made efficiently and effectively.

Backup theft

Criminal activity has always been one of the most challenging areas of backup and recovery systems. You should note a backup robbery is a favourite for hackers and identity thieves.

Extraordinary measures are required to prevent tampering and to ensure regulatory compliance of sensitive data. Among other items, examine your systems to see if it is, in fact, vulnerable to underlying security issues.

If in doubt do nothing

If you have any doubts about the quality of your backup or recovery procedures, contact your technology advisor as soon as possible. Should you suddenly lose data, do absolutely nothing, don’t touch anything and phone you technology advisor.

Quotable Quotes

“Establishing sound backup and recovery procedures is an investment in your future, not a cost”. Peter Sergeant

“Recovery begins from the darkest moment”. John Major



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