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Healthy people equals healthy communities

Healthy people build healthy communities.

August 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

Or is it healthy communities build healthy people In my experience healthy people is one aspect of community and business development often overlooked, leaving the problems and frustrations to the health professionals who are so overworked in smaller communities they become reactive, not proactive. The solution lies in having the business and non-profit organisations working…

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Supporting regional towns builds our country.

Supporting regional towns and villages.

August 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

Many forget about supporting regional towns and villages Many forget about supporting regional towns and villages struggling with globalisation, new technology, sponge cities, drought and other adversities, many of them impacting at the same time. We must act, or many will cease to exist and where will be when it comes to food, fibre and…

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Health and well-being outcomes are important to me

August 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

A case study: by Peter Sergeant There is nothing better than watching the world go by in the comfort of a beautiful regional community, where people care and look out for each other. A community where health and well-being are a priority. But, ‘pushing the envelope’ trying to get too much out of your business…

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Drought struggles impact community members and eventually big cities

Drought struggles are commonplace in our regional towns and villages.

August 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

Drought struggles hit the farmers first, business second, the town’s residents next and then the cities. Australia is vulnerable and has brought sharply into focus in recent drought struggles, and the flooding rains in far north Queensland. Droughts, flooding rains and fire are, and always will be, part of the Australian environment, and it is…

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