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Analysis can deliver inspired results.

Planning mistakes limit good outcomes  

May 20, 2017 |

Planning mistakes often involve too much information In avoiding common planning mistakes remember business plans are not measured by weight. When is a 25-page business plan better than a 200-page business plan? The answer is always, small enough to do the job. You will find that most investors have a mental checklist of five to…

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Marketing blunders are expensive.

Marketing blunders send businesses broke

May 12, 2017 |

If you keep making marketing blunders you can go bust. Digital technology is continuing to open up whole new ways of marketing and avoiding the usual marketing blunders. Digital marketing has evolved to the point that it is now starting to dominate how small business and non-profits do their marketing. The big question is, how…

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A men'shed can be an important link to health professionals.

Men’s Shed practical startup approaches

May 7, 2017 |

A Men’s Sheds in a ‘Double Garage’ is not sustainable Men’s sheds in ‘Double Garage’ type facilities are inappropriate and not sustainable. Be absolutely sure that the buildings you choose align with the activities the men want. You may not be able to start with a shed as big as this one, but size will be…

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To-Do List starts better action-orientation.

April 26, 2017 |

The To-Do-list can start the action Perhaps the biggest issue associated with running a business, organisation, or life in general, is the juggling of multiple tasks and project lists. Staying on top of all of them requires some sort of system, so nothing falls through the cracks.  The To-Do List starts you on a more…

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