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New Year, a time for a fresh look at what we do..

New Year timely reflection contemplation

January 6, 2017 |

New Year, reflection time Time for a fresh look at what you do. It’s no secret that the challenges facing businesses today are bigger than ever. New Year is the best time for reflection of the past and contemplation of the future. There have never been so many opportunities and we’ve never had so many tools at our disposal…

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Reflecting creates opportunity.

Reflecting reveals business challenges

December 10, 2016 |

Too often people rely on their own understanding When reflecting on the fifty years of my business career many things were revealed to me. I like how the important things I learned keep rising to the surface and I keep reflecting on them. I always thought the harder I work the more successful I would…

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Avoid you frustration with Christmas New Year

Avoid Christmas New Year frustrations

December 3, 2016 |

Avoid the year-end and Christmas New Year blues Yes, there is an alternative to solving these year-end and Christmas blues, . Take time to find some new strategies to avoid them. It may be difficult when you have others depending on you for the completion of their tasks, but it is possible  to make a difference in…

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Coping with your life can be improved.

Coping strategies can change lifestyles

November 29, 2016 |

As an entrepreneur I found it easy to move from one project or problem to another, but, when I had to manage the detail I always had difficulty coping.  There are many business people not coping with the fast paced changes involved with the modern business in a globalised world. This is leading to unnecessary…

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