Breakthrough when you are ready for change.

Hiding won't create a breakthrough.

How wonderful it is to see a breakthrough.

When times are tough, successful people look for a breakthrough. In particularly hard days when you feel you cannot endure; you forget to remind yourself of your strengths which helped you through hard times before.

In the past, you probably had feelings of being hopelessly trapped. So you continued frantically racing around in circles without any worthwhile progress. You never found the time to find a better roadmap because you were too busy feeling sorry for yourself and becoming frustrated with the same old grind.

The stressors and pace of life just seemed to keep you busy from sunrise to midnight every day. Without much time for relaxing to think, reflect and plan a better future.

Deep down, I knew I could do what I wanted sustainably, but I found it too challenging to apply myself.

Finding space to relax, think, reflect, and plan a breakthrough.

You continued to read, go to seminars, and do courses while looking for a new pathway you could follow, and then it hits you. While you were observing successful people and contemplating your instability, you realised life was slipping away. You had been running and hiding and doing an incredible job of being amazingly busy.

However, you had never stopped to sort out your thoughts and figure out exactly why you continued to do what you were doing. Do you become locked into the busy, busy syndrome? You needed to provide for your family and ease the pain endured from mistakes you had made, and the lack of a pathway fuelling your risk adversity and mindlessness.

You were using your circumstances as excuses for not sorting out your aspirations, which would propel you into the future you wanted.

If you continue to remain stuck in a cycle of futile busyness that was burning your ambition. You finally recognised that to move your life forward; you first had to stop what you were doing and give yourself the time and space to sort things out.

When you did stop, you began to think of possibilities which were available to you like you had never experienced. Now all you needed was to become more action-orientated. You suddenly became ready to conquer the world.

The advice you needed was suddenly there for the taking.

Maybe it is the many life lessons, which you had to learn the hard way which gave your character and the new will to succeed.  Or was it the accumulated pain and failure, which made you realise there is a world of possibility, as you see other people enjoying themselves.

You now want to be passionate and productive again, but do not have all the answers. Businesses today, more than ever, need practical advisors and mentors. People with practical knowledge and experience in the real world of business, people you can relate to and like working alongside.

When I was confused in my early days, my father gave me some sound advice. “Son’, he said, “Get wisdom, learn from others, those who have made all the mistakes you think you are going to make, and just get on with it”.

As I follow his advice, I set out to accumulate all the practical knowledge I needed to start my own business. I was only 23 years old, but within a year, I had a thriving business up and running. And while I had my share of failures, I have never looked back with regret about anything I have done.

For anybody who feels life has passed them by without any real sense of success, I remind you Colonel Sanders started KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) when he was 62 years old, with $87 he borrowed.

There are always things you can do.

  • Stop waiting for good times to roll by; they do not happen by chance.
  • Revitalise your To-Do List and align it with your vision and objectives
  • Small tasks aligned to your vision and objectives work will make things happen.
  • Create visual reminders to keep you focused and on track.
  • Do not waste your limited time on things you cannot control.
  • Focus on outsourcing what you do not like doing or are not good at doing.
  • Put your absolute best effort into what is important to you and your family today.
  • Make better use of modern digital technology.
  • Be sure and use quality content in your marketing.
  • Spend time developing your value chain.
  • Seek out partnerships to leverage your efforts.

As you propel yourself into a better future, keep in mind one of the secrets to peace and happiness. It is letting most situations be what they are, instead of what you think they should be, and then making the best of them.

If you worry about failing or the next breakthrough. You will find it difficult to sustain focus on what you need to do today to become successful. New opportunities tend to emerge like magic for those people who get things done.

Quotable Quotes.

“Your biggest problems could have been solved by a breakthrough which could have been by changing your conversations”. Peter Sergeant

“Plan on at least three breakthroughs during the year, your future will be riding on them”. Peter Sergeant

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