Breakthroughs can happen every day

Put your heart into making breakthroughs.

Ways to accomplish breakthroughs

If you want to make breakthroughs, show up every day. If you are not on the field, you cannot expect to win the game. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Breakthrough stories come from individuals who consistently show up every day. It is not easy, but you must show up when it is hard and when others want to quit. It cannot be a show up when you feel like it either.

The difference between a winner and a loser is showing up when it’s not convenient. When the going gets tough, the tough get up and get going. Stop trying to to find the perfect breakthrough; it could be inhibiting your success. When you push through those bad times, you are having, that is when you start making breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs happen when you elevate your circle of influence to include people who are doing innovative things. You will not make progress hanging around people who are negative or a bad influence.

Breakthroughs happen when you never give up

Keep trying. Giving up should not be an option until all options have been considered and thoroughly examined. Breakthroughs happen when you crystalise the way you do business. Build your pillars of operation in your organisation which will create breakthroughs.

Apply the KISS principle to your guiding principles. Keep It Simple Stupid, and expect to win.


Breakthroughs occur when you accept ignorance

Accept the fact you are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the situation in which you find yourself. The community or business would not need a breakthrough if they already knew what to do in the first place. Ignorance of a situation can be a pivot point where new thinking starts to occur. As long as you start asking the right questions and know how to go about discovering new ideas and opportunities, you will eventually make a breakthrough.

Breakthroughs happen after you realise hard work is not enough

Don’t cling to the illusion that hard work alone will find the breakthrough you are seeking. Learn how to tap into the community’s knowledge base and explore unrelated options, even when the course you take seems stupid to others.

Don’t hide from reality, because it is where the breakthroughs are hiding.

Breakthroughs often follow a failure

Expect to fail and make mistakes and to keep The path to discovery is not always accessible even when you follow a sound process you used in the past. You should still expect to have problems and frustrations. Only those who try and fail will eventually find breakthroughs. The need to succeed combined with the fear of failure can inhibit a discovery. Everyone who experiences a discovery fails first. Failures, mistakes and frustration are there to teach you not to do it again, but to find a better way.

Breakthroughs happen when trying something radically different

Forget about small adjustments to prevailing opinions and circumstances. Set a new approach and take a few chances. Never expect fundamentally new behaviours to work well without modification. However, always keep a ‘breeze in the mainsails’.

Breakthroughs happen when new people are involved

Fresh eyes, fresh thinking coupled with different attitudes can be the mix you were looking for to make the discovery. Always be meeting new people and visiting new places along with other prosperous communities.

Breakthroughs happen when you realise you are the one in control

It is easy to play the blame game, more difficult to accept personal responsibility for making discoveries. When you recognise you are in the driver seat, don’t let things get out of your control, unless you do on a discovery journey. You are in charge of your attitude, how you respond to adversity, your circumstance and your community desires. Everything else is insignificant and will hold you back.

Breakthroughs happen when you stop doing the same old things

Stop doing things in the same old ways, and make room in your mind and your schedule for something new to happen.

Breakthroughs emerge when you stop trying to hard

If you’re chasing the same old ideas, stop wasting time. Do something different; a distraction might be just what you need.

Stop trying to be perfect

Perfectionism costs valuable time and money. Life is a lot more fun, and breakthroughs tend to emerge as if by magic when we stop trying to be perfect. Perfectionism can permeate every area of your, leaving you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and even overwhelmed. Today, we are constantly being inundated with images of perfection. They are causing us to have unrealistic expectations of ourselves.  The key to having more breakthroughs is to stop trying to be perfect. Small changes give rise to outcomes with significant impact.

Quotable Quotes

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”. Zig Ziglar

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself”. Anna Quindle

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