Business model structures should reflect your values.

Business model structures matter.

Innovative Business Model structures open up the opportunity to transform your value proposition or revenue model. It is because it offers a chance to rethink your stakeholder’s value systems. It will allow you to build a business which customers love, employees value and investors become excited about supporting. Particularly in turbulent times, cultural innovation is imperative for management, and the stakeholder’s values should be congruent.

The Business Model provides your organisations with a mechanism to define your values and how you implement values in your core business. Active organisations identify and develop a clear, concise and shared meaning of values, beliefs, and priorities. An exciting, clear, and unambiguous direction so all stakeholders understand and can contribute.

Values need to be defined, as they impact every aspect of your organisation and the whole business model. Your values must be an integral part of any business model since values will influence everything you do.

Business models structures which work can change everyone’s enthusiasm for the business.

For the majority of the workforce, flexible work hours and personal fulfilment are more important than making more money. Your business model structures should reflect this. In remaining competitive, all businesses need a fresh approach to their business model. It must reflect new values, attitudes, and lifestyles of all stakeholders.

There should be no room for aggressive behaviour.

When customers and employees talk, you listen.

Today’s high-performing businesses build flexibility into the core of their business model. Their culture allows employees to set their schedules while enabling them to achieve the agreed objectives.

Change is inevitable in the way businesses, and customers adapt to the global marketplace and utilise modern technology. Change creates huge threats for those devoted to old Business Models. Create opportunities capable of changing your business model because this will help to capitalise on new trends and issues in the global marketplace.

Information technology and communications (ITC) investments are enabling businesses to increase competitiveness. They are therefore able to maintain an edge over their competition. Many companies are reinventing themselves in light of the changing global environment. It means revisiting and adjusting your Business Model to the prevailing conditions while meeting your objectives.

You may need to invest in new systems, tools and processes.

Many organisations will need to invest in new tools to obtain an improved view of their own business model structures. Receiving advanced market information and knowledge, to have the Business Model operate more effectively, is essential.

You will see Business Models taking advantage of many things. These could include market intelligence, mobility, cloud computing, big data, robotics, and social media. Working in combination with the new technologies to address business priorities is becoming imperative. Information technology is no longer some mishmash of futuristic ideas. Modern information technology and communications need to part of the Business Models.

Invest in better systems, tools and processes because most people want to feel valued, and given what is required to complete tasks and allow them to stretch themselves to the full extent of their abilities. By doing so, they are better able to develop their skills and achieve their personal goals.

You can do this if you’re new, or looking to finally find the edge and real growth in your revenue and profits. Become one of the positive voices, and authentic leaders, stepping up to the challenges. Become one of those people are inspiring others and creating businesses along with products and services which make a difference.

Quotable Quotes

“Knowing the right moment to take action when your business model or business plan is not working requires analysis, work and the courage to face reality”. Peter Sergeant

“Start designing the customer service model your customers only dream about”. Peter Sergeant

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