Cancer in your business is unhealthy.

Don't let cancer kill your business.

Don’t overlook cancer in your business during drought.

Cancer in your business or your community can be just as hard to spot as a cancer on the back of your leg.

A cancer diagnosis can turn anyone’s life upside down, but for business owners the diagnosis can put their business at risk. 

Cancer in your business is as unhealthy as cancer in your body. 

A cancer in your business leads to stress, stress leads depression and that is what can kill your business.

Cancer in your business is unhealthy.  Many business people tend to ignore the symptoms of cancer, both in themselves and in their business.
Cancer finds ways to take the business off track, and because it is not always easily seen, it can have devastating consequences.

Fortunately today more people are consulting with their doctors about their situation, as well as facilitators and coaches about their business. The risk factors are there to see to the experienced eye, the eye that measures twice and saws once

Be yourself, but better yourself. Resist complacency, continue to grow, learn, give and never stop learning about health.

Depending on your business or organisation, you can exercise more control by conducting a simple ‘Business Health Check’ which will allow you to manage the time needed for treatment or recovery.

Managing your business

To keep your business running, you may need a business plan to manage the changes caused by treatment for both yourself and your business. Talk to your health professionals and advisors about what to expect from treatment as this might help you decide what you can handle.

These suggestions may help you:

  • Be realistic about how much work you can continue to do
  • Advise you key customers, most of whom will support you
  • Decide what needs doing now and what you can postpone until you recover
  • Use your energy doing tasks you enjoy and delegate or outsource the rest
  • Consider hiring temporary staff or asking friends to lend a hand
  • Don’t e too proud, ask for or accept any offers of help
  • Consider working from home
  • Perhaps you can change your role in the organisation
  • Let your employees and volunteers know what changes you are making to keep the business running well
  • Aim to finish any high-priority work before you start treatment.
  • Check any existing insurance policies for entitlements and let your insurance company know about changes to your work situation.
  • Seek professional advice from your doctor and business advisor.

Think about other ways to move into the future

Many cancer survivors create exciting new businesses.
  • Could you travel less for work? Could you work from home more? Would it be practical to use technologies such as smartphones and the internet instead of meeting face-to-face?
  • If you ship merchandise, could a fulfilment house handle this for you?
  • Don’t become disheartened, most cancers are curable, and it could spark a new and better direction for your future.

Quotable Quotes

If cancer in your body as the host, can kill you, why can’t cancer in your business kill the business”? Peter Sergeant

“I keep dreaming of a future, a future with a long and healthy life, not lived in the shadow of cancer but in the light”. Patrick Swayze

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