Capacity creation everyone’s quandary

More money is only one aspect of capacity creation.

Capacity creation does not happen by chance

It is incredible how your problem-solving improves if you look closely enough. Here we see grains of ordinary beach sand under the microscope. Capacity creation starts at the grassroots and working with what you have available to you.

Meaningful global change needs strategic responses and an increase in capacity and the challenges facing us, are significant.  The shifting landscape offers excellent opportunities if you are well positioned to grasp them.

Community capacity building is about promoting the capacity of local business and non-profit organisation to create, innovate, implement and sustain their solutions to their problems and frustrations. It means doing it in such a way it helps them shape and exercise control over their economic, physical, social, and cultural environments.

Most communities and their businesses had considerable capacity in the past until recent disruptions started happening. Therefore, it might be more appropriate to talk about restoring capacity, rather than building capacity.

Increasing your capacity requires some specific strategies. It will not happen by chance and luck has little to do with it. Perhaps the extra capacity you need is right under your nose with the youth and unemployed in your community. Focus on the youth in your community as they can bring a fresh set of ideas to modern capacity building technology.

Capacity creation necessitated by the realisation of the pace of technological advancement and globalisation.  Perhaps you could start with a workshop to empower participants on ways of improving delivery of services and elimination of any negative approaches to making things happen

There is an increasing need for working partnerships and outcomes measurement to leverage innovation and capacity building of the entire community. Accelerating business and community performance requires a focus on capacity building.

Focus on entrepreneurial activities to increase capacity

Significant projects are great in any community transformation.  Despite governments, it is modest action orientation which people can implement which defines modern capacity creation projects.

Entrepreneurs know how to acquire knowledge and join up the dots.


Capacity building is a continuous process concerned with making things happen. It should not be about pilot schemes and short-term interventions. It needs to involve long-term commitment and a willingness to ask hard questions and act on the answers.

If the capacity creation becomes a community-led, bottom-up approach, and it is essential the communities and people involved in projects take responsibility and be accountable for their development.

Outcomes of capacity creation

Look carefully and plan for the outcomes the community and its businesses want and need. Results might include:

  • Enthusiasm and motivation is regenerated
  • Strengthening of individual skills
  • Encouraging a shared understanding and vision
  • Improvement in resource utilisation by the community
  • Expanding, diverse, and more inclusive community participation
  • Facilitation of consistent, tangible progress toward the vision and objectives
  • Creating more useful community organisations and institutions
  • The community becomes excited about the future because of the actions being taken

 Quotable Quotes

“Just because you could not do something yesterday does not mean you cannot do it today with the aid of technology”. Peter Sergeant

“Some people want it to happen; some wish it would happen, others make it happen”. Michael Jordon



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