Capacities enhance community aspirations

Match capacities with congruent values

Not everyone wants to climb the same mountain Capacities and growth should be congruent with community and business aspirations. Regional communities are frequently hamstrung by cynical, and more often than not false, perceptions about their capacity for growth. They also feel they cannot access finance specialist business advice as readily as metropolitan businesses. Regional communities…

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Success can cause failure

Too much success can lead to problems.

Success is usually very exciting Much fanfare with people talking, and sharing stories is often the result of success.  The actual process of achieving great success, however, is far more circumspect.  It is the processes happening quietly, behind-the-scenes, which makes all the difference. We can sell our way to failure if we do not have the finance…

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Entrepreneurs come in various types

Entrepreneurship is about some very special attributes.

Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs but there are differences? The word entrepreneurs is a pretty broad, and an often abused word. What kind of entrepreneurs am I and what kind of entrepreneurs are you? I don’t necessarily have the answer to this question is something I have struggled with for many years. The only thing I can…

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Business planning love affair forever

Business planning can be like magic.

Business planning, how to fall in love with it Many people spend more time planning their holidays than they do on creating an effective business planning for their business. The concept of falling in love with business planning never crosses their mind. However, the more attention you put into the process of business planning, like…

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Marketing blunders send businesses broke

Marketing blunders are expensive.

If you keep making marketing blunders you can go bust. Digital technology is continuing to open up whole new ways of marketing and avoiding the usual marketing blunders. Digital marketing has evolved to the point that it is now starting to dominate how small business and non-profits do their marketing. The big question is, how…

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Business model performance importance

A good Business Model excites people.

Every business needs a Business Model that works well all day, every day? The Business Model must capitalise on the unique value your business, opportunity or project provides. Does your model deliver valuable outcomes for prospective customers? Will it form lasting relationships and create advocates? Does it show how you will make the money you want?…

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Reflecting reveals business challenges

Reflecting creates opportunity.

Too often people rely on their own understanding When reflecting on the fifty years of my business career many things were revealed to me. I like how the important things I learned keep rising to the surface and I keep reflecting on them. I always thought the harder I work the more successful I would…

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Avoid Christmas New Year frustrations

Avoid you frustration with Christmas New Year

Avoid the year-end and Christmas New Year blues Yes, there is an alternative to solving these year-end and Christmas blues, . Take time to find some new strategies to avoid them. It may be difficult when you have others depending on you for the completion of their tasks, but it is possible  to make a difference in…

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Business failure, avoidance strategies

Wrong strategies lead to business failure.

Business failure is all too common Business failure is all too common, particularly for new businesses, or businesses that have become complacent and can happen to anyone. The rate of business failure has been fairly constant for a long time, around 70% to 80% in the first year. Only about half of those who survive the…

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Future proofing stabalises businesses

Future proofing will give you peace of mind.

Future proofing is critical for sustainability Your future could well depend on some of the following suggestions about future proofing. They should not be ignored. Hoping your problems and frustrations will go away doesn’t work. Clearly, understand the alignment between what you are trying to achieve through your strategies and the impact future forces can and will have on…

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