Case Study

Hearing loss causes barriers to business

Protect your hearing loss at all times.

Hearing loss is a terrible thing to have happen to you because it is difficult to rectify if, in fact, it can be at all. Using hearing aids are great but like me, so many people would rather battle on without them, despite the frustration it can cause other people. Sometimes there are medical contraindications…

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Coping strategies can change lifestyles

Coping with your life can be improved.

As an entrepreneur I found it easy to move from one project or problem to another, but, when I had to manage the detail I always had difficulty coping.  There are many business people not coping with the fast paced changes involved with the modern business in a globalised world. This is leading to unnecessary…

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Pressure equals excessive weight gains

Excessive pressure leads to weight gains.

We believe that pressure is a health issue. Excessive pressure can lead to weight problems and other health and well-being issues, often overlooked in business today. Healthy businesses and relationships lead to healthy people. Or, is it healthy people lead to healthy businesses and relationships. Whatever? We need to pay more attention to the issues. Pressure leads…

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Entrepreneurial pressure creates stress

Entrepreneurial pressure can impact health.

As an entrepreneur, I found it easy to move from one project or problem to another. But, when I had to manage the detail I felt excessive entrepreneurial pressure. It caused me and others to carefully analyse the workload involved before committing to managing the detail. Entrepreneurs find extraordinary things in places other people never…

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Learning farmer’s inspiring breakthroughs

learning breakthrought from farmers.

I was very fortunate to have been born to a successful, highly mechanised farm in central NSW Australia. It was a mixed farm with a long river frontage, where my early learning experiences were fun. A Case Study by Peter Sergeant Learning should be fun I worked on the farm all through my formative years,…

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Future activities underpinning change

Understanding your future is a good first step If there were only one thing that I could communicate to you about your future activities, it would be this: “The results that you achieve in business and in your life, are simply a by-product of your thinking.  Include the thinking of the people around you, along with…

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Chinese cooking inspiring business

Chinese cooking can teach us a lot about business.

It is about how you can apply the various aspects of a hobby or a new lifestyle to your business. Learn about Chinese Cooking and learn about business and innovation. My main hobby is Chinese cooking. It has helped me to think through the many challenges I was confronted with and created many solutions in my businesses…

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Health crisis survivors complications

You may have to make changes to recover from a health crisis.

Surviving a major personal health crisis Every year thousands of people become terrified because of a major personal health crisis or medical condition. It will seriously affect their families, their retirement, their careers and their businesses. It starts when they hear those dreaded words, “cancer, heart attack, or car accident”. The good news is that these…

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Stress management, business prioriety

Stress can quickly lead to poor health.

I have written this case study as a result of my personal experiences with major traumas. The death of my parents, a business failure, cancers and heart attacks and the excitement of business. I believe that stress has become a major health hazard for people in business, for both owners and employees. Today, stress and depression have…

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Entrepreneurship makes things work

Entrepreneurship is about some very special attributes.

It is very, rare to face a real fork in the road and know with 100% certainty that one way is the right way and the other is the wrong way. The key drivers of finding the right road for businesses non-profit organisations, communities and projects are the attributes of entrepreneurship. Case study by Peter…

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