Case Study

Creativity helps generate innovation

Chinese cooking will improve your creativity.

This case study is about how I applied the various aspects of  Chinese cooking (my hobby) to business and community development. And how it improved both my creativity and ability to innovate. In the creation of FAQ Support, much of what I learned from Chinese cooking, helped me to think through new paradigms for the complex world of small business, non-profits…

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Adversity strengthens determination

Adversity can create new friends.

I first started out in my own business, in the agricultural machinery industry, at the ripe old age of 24. I was used to winning; everything seemed to work for me, I rarely felt the ill winds of adversity. When I look back on those ill winds of trouble, I understand the importance of making mistakes…

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Failure learning experience not avoidance

Use failure to make you stronger.

Many people are obsessed with avoiding failure. They are risk adverse and don’t take the time to understand failure and risk. Failure is the flip side of success and the more you understand it the more successful you can become. It is the mistakes and failure you experience that leads you to eventual success by achieving your…

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