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Content Marketing

Content marketing challenges can be overcome.

Seek expertise in overcoming content marketing challenges

Everyone has content marketing challenges As a business, non-profit or a community developer, you need to find someone who can overcome the content marketing challenges and understands the many disciplines involved. Someone responsible for the writing, analysing, planning, crafting, writing distributing, and promoting valuable content. Content marketing is one of the essential activities lacking in…

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Quality thinking should not be old hat.

Quality control could avoid failures.

Quality thinking and content helps ensure business survival The purpose of this blog is to help you discover and implement important things, on your way to building a quality business. Managing quality is crucial for small businesses. Quality products help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty…

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Creative writing skills support innovation.

Creative writing skills help you to think right.

Creative writing and innovation go hand in hand with imagination. When we think of all the skills we need, creative thinking should be highly ranked. Creativity is what we use to solve problems and better appreciate possible future directions. Use creative thinking to improve your content and content marketing. Have you ever thought about how…

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Problem-solving requires future thinking about content.

Problem-solving can become easier with good content and content marketing..

Don’t be led by your problem-solving; follow your dreams with good content. Problem-solving requires skilful decision-making, so you don’t become obsessed with problem-solving at the expense of your vision for the future. You can’t achieve the vision you have by not taking actions related to your future content marketing. ‘No’ is indeed part of leadership,…

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Content trustworthiness engages people

Content trustworthiness is built on trust

Where you waste your time Most businesses and non-profits still waste too much time chasing and interpreting the wrong information and knowledge, instead of creating content trustworthiness. When strategies and campaigns on faulty content, you waste your time and money and risk mixed messages going to your customers and prospects. Inferior technology can further cloud…

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Building recipes for business success

Building good recipes and processes improves outcomes

Get the recipe right, and you will have plenty to celebrate. If you want to bake a cake, you need to be building recipes which work. It also holds when building a successful business or non-profit. Despite there being good conventional rules for success, too few follow them. If you hate what you do, no…

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Right questions deliver better content, better outcomes.

Ask the right questions, then listen.

Outsourcing content writing requires the right questions Improving outcomes is about making sense of complex business processes and improving the operational aspects like content marketing. This means asking the right questions and good communications with quality content. Seek to eliminate poor content, improve human touchpoints and make use of outsourcing so you can focus on your critical…

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External advisors critical success factor

Take a chance with external advisors, you might even like it.

You will find external content writers (sometimes called coaches, advisors, facilitators, consultants, mentors) can help you make your dream come true. They can act as your planning, marketing and training coordinator. Good content writers are good listeners, not a talker. How well do you think your football team would go if they didn’t have a…

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Content delivery consistency counts

Content delivery must be relevant.

Alignment with your vision and objectives is key Your website and social media should always be ‘work in progress’, still being added to and updated as you grow and develop when your content delivery consistency counts. However, inconsistency issues creep in when content is written at different stages of your business cycle and by different…

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Written proposals pay dividends

Written proposals work.

How to prepare written proposals Success will often hinge on your ability to write a sound plan or business case. A proposal is designed to get your message across in such a way you will receive the positive responses you are looking for: If necessary meet with the person or organisation you are targeting. You…

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