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Economic Gardening

Economic Gardening programs creation.

Economic Gardening programs are customised to each town or village

Economic Gardening programs are customised. Economic Gardening programs are tailored to address particular situations and to meet the community, business and personal objectives. Programs can be designed to meet goals for such things as: Creating and supporting small, micro, home-based and lifestyle business start-ups Creating new jobs Growing businesses and non-profit organisations already existing Improving…

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Expert knowledge builds communities

Expert knowledge builds communities.

If you have expert knowledge of an exciting community subject, use it Do not leave people wondering what you were trying to achieve when you visited their town? People want and expect expert knowledge. The knowledge they can discuss, and the more this is true, the more your ideas and expert knowledge will get shared.…

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Working effectively among community stakeholders

Working effectively reduces stress

Ways of working effectively with community stakeholders Skills development along with the use of productivity tools and processes is an essential aspect of creating a productive working relationship, and working effectively with community stakeholders. Just because you possess the skills does not guarantee you will get the results you are seeking. Community members need to…

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Tourism builds greater communities

Build better tourism attractions.

Start increasing tourism with what you have In the past, governments and others have badly misjudged the value of tourism. Tourism is now the fourth largest industry in Australia.  It is a crucial forerunner to advancing economic development as it touches such a broad spectrum of business in the community. People are unlikely to relocate…

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Regional communities survival approach

Regional communities are looking for new approachs Here we set out an approach to support and grow not-for-profits (NFPs) organisations, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in regional communities. Particularly in both rural and remote areas where the need is greatest. It is our desire to leave the world a better place by inspiring NFPs, SMEs and communities…

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Regional business development focus

Syncronise regional business development activities.

Why do people have businesses in a regional area? Lifestyle is one of the primary reasons for having a regional business. Community opportunities and possibilities are everywhere and the more things change the more community opportunities open up. Look beyond the current reality and an improved lifestyle and see what is possible. A community’s strength improves as the standard of business acumen…

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Communities require willing helpers

Listen to communities and reverse bad trends.

When communities need urgent attention Businesses will always come and go, but, communities need to preserve their business environments and the services they provide. Business closures must be avoided because they can lead to the decline of the community. Surrounding centres  capture the local customers when there are business closures. Like your car needs to…

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Community opportunities require action

Avoid becoming one of those dying for lack of community opportunities.

Community opportunities and possibilities are everywhere The more things change the more community opportunities open up because change brings with it new ways of looking at things. Look beyond the current reality and improved lifestyle and see what is possible, as a result, people will become more motivated. A community’s strength improves as the standard of business acumen…

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