Future knowledge embraces digital marketing

Future knowledge can be a competitive advantage

Focus future knowledge on your marketing efforts Make sure your future knowledge has the right kind of leadership and culture are in place. Little happens by chance and while luck may occasionally come into it, never rely on it. It takes a highly coordinated approach across the whole organisation. With a commitment from management, in…

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Handling drought adversity

We must all learn more about drought.

Sometimes life is never easy Handling drought is common, but difficult with more frequent occurrences. Without adequate mitigation and response, it can be very destructive. If you can’t make enough money to make ends meet, then you could be in real trouble without outside assistance. In handling droughts, more than just you are looking at…

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Future rethinking delivers opportunities

Future rethinking should be a high priority.

Future rethinking should be a high priority What is motivating the future rethinking of community members behaviour and how are your community and its businesses preparing for the online shopping boom in our globalised world, driven by technology. Business today is noisy, complex and fast-paced. Expectations around convenience, value and choice have driven a higher…

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Declining population future outlook

Do not suffer a declining population

Some communities defy declining population Larger well-managed inland centres are enjoying growth and prosperity. Rural and remote towns need little reminding of their declining population. It is on the slide as big cities, inland centres, and coastal lifestyle hubs expand. However, some are bucking the trend. Some places are matching the population growth of major regional…

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Future communities require change

The future communities are here, don't waste it.

You can be sure the future communities will be different Ten years from now, how much will energy cost? What will happen with the climate? Most importantly, will you be more satisfied with your community and your role in it? Perhaps it is time for you to pack your bags for the future communities? Years…

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Innovation drivers create better futures

Innovation drivers are everywhere.

Innovation drivers are all around us Your purpose and vision are what puts a spring in your step and allows innovation drivers to emerge. The first thing to do when you want to begin looking for innovation drivers is to understand clearly, your purpose, vision and objectives. When this happens you are in a position to…

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Business model performance importance

A good Business Model excites people.

Every business needs a Business Model that works well all day, every day? The Business Model must capitalise on the unique value your business, opportunity or project provides. Does your model deliver valuable outcomes for prospective customers? Will it form lasting relationships and create advocates? Does it show how you will make the money you want?…

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Changing direction, future challenges

Changing direction often takes courage.

Changing direction for a better future Changing direction as you go, is a lot easier in small increments, than trying to play catch-up. When I was writing this post, I immediately recalled my visit to the warship Belfast in London, marvelling at one thing. How they managed to put all the important things together in…

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Future adaptability prolongs survival

Future adaptability is critical for survival.

Future adaptability and survival Future adaptability and survival go hand in hand as the new marketplace unfolds because adaptability will secure your future survival. At the very least it improves your chances against the disruptive and destructive forces at play. When the environment is so unpredictable, it is difficult to apply traditional forecasting. Along with analysis, that is…

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Future activities underpinning change

Understanding your future is a good first step If there were only one thing that I could communicate to you about your future activities, it would be this: “The results that you achieve in business and in your life, are simply a by-product of your thinking.  Include the thinking of the people around you, along with…

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