Challenged people create opportunities

Challenged people make things happen.

When you are challenged tackle it with determination

Challenges will generally fit into one of the following four categories. So the first thing to do is categorise them to eliminate confusion.

Challenged people make things happen.

Which category do your challenges fit into?


Most of your challenges can uncover countless opportunities. As they emerge, the chances are you will be able to attract additional resources. These might well be the resources you require to propel you into the future you want.

When you are challenged, look at them as a springboard which will take you to your destination faster as you learn more about dealing with them. While the outcome might not appear like what you were looking for or expecting but it can be just what is required to bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to go.

Communities/businesses are always challenged

These opportunities might not be apparent when you have difficulties. However, with further analysis, the opportunities will become more evident as they provide you with more insight and foresight. Hindsight can also be important as time passes, and you obtain new knowledge and experience.

The challenges for the smaller enterprises can become overwhelming without support.


Why are you being challenged?

When you are challenged, don’t panic. The challenge might be triggered by a person, a financial crisis, new knowledge, the loss of a valuable customer or a process needing to be improved. Look for the stepping stones hidden in each of the challenges; there will always be something guide you in the direction of a solution.

Your analysis of the situation might lead to outcomes which were unexpected, so be prepared. It might be a chance to strike up a new partnership or uncover ann innovative product or service which can boost your sales and profit performance.

It might even be a crisis of sorts from which you will personally improve your level of competence. Something which might appear like a crisis at the time might indeed bring opportunities which you may never have otherwise discovered.

When do you start looking for the opportunities? As a real entrepreneur will tell you, by using your imagination, visualising outcomes and by joining up the dots new possibilities will be revealed.

Look for the gifts

If you are tired of struggling all the time, start looking for your assumptions to be challenged. Challenges as a way of generating new opportunities for the community or your organisation. Begin looking at challenges form another point of view, or a chance to change and improve your situation.

Every hardship, every failure, every grief bears with it the seed of a more substantial benefit. Making yourself available for possibilities might mean stepping outside your comfort zone. Be patient; great opportunities take time to mature and to evolve a chance opportunity. Never be afraid to seek help from a trusted advisor.

Refocusing the way you approach challenges will massively change your situation. A first step is to start taking action on the opportunities uncovered seeking to create many little activities, not waiting for one massive stroke of genius.

Quotable Quotes

“If you are not repeatedly challenged, the status quo will remain, and progress will be slow.  No challenges, no opportunities, no future”? Peter Sergeant

“If you compared your troubles, or challenges, with those of others, you would surely find that there are those whose troubles or challenges make yours look like minor inconveniences”. Catherine Pulsifer



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