Community infrastructure outlook matters

Community infrastructure could be letting the community down.

Creating traction with technology and frameworks

Stay focused and avoid putting the community’s aspirations on hold. Communities have abilities, traits, and intelligence to work help build community infrastructure. Developing these to their fullest extent could be thought of as developing our potential, or capacity to do the job. This is where technology and frameworks come into play.

One way to increase your capacity and ability is to stretch the community infrastructure to new limits. It can be done by furthering community knowledge, widening of the vision, and building additional and better frameworks. While the basic physical community infrastructure is crucial, the technology infrastructure has arguably become more important.

A framework for community infrastructure

  • Buildings, roads, airports, rail, water supply, sewerage, waste (Physical aspects)
  • The technology framework (Coat hanger and knowledge management)
  • Operating areas (Configuration as required)
  • Resource and knowledge centre (Sharing, management)
  • Financial services (Funding for projects)
  • Movers and shakers (Community linkages to action orientation)
  • Strategic partnerships (Marketing and resources)
  • Participating associates, clusters and networks (Delivery of services)
  • Support services (Advisory support for community activities).

Owner-operated farms and small businesses dominate the regional economy.


Many people are shell-shocked by all the technology changes taking place. It is particularly so in relation to communications and social media. In order to cope, we must ensure that the community has a growing technology capability. We need to take a broader perspective and get plugged into people who know.

Competing in the global economy

Community infrastructure is critical to compete in the new globalised economy. The community needs to be developing its creativity and concentrating on innovation and flexibility in tune with the future. Technology will form the basis of 21st Centaury growth, the ‘mining and foundries’ of the information age.

We do not need to be on the ‘bleeding edge’ of technological advancements. In fact, today’s environment can be treacherous for many new technologies if they are not properly funded and well managed. However, we all need to tune into the trends and the resulting issues associated with technology if we are to build a major technology presence and have your community capitalise on the ‘knowledge era’.

Add to economic activity by focusing on existing technology companies, attracting the right kind of new companies. Start working with clusters and partnerships to achieve objectives. Business is fundamentally a customer-driven rather than a technology-driven thing. Customer research, branding, sales and distribution are all now harder to cope with, and more important than the technology itself. Technology is important as it enables such things.

By utilising technology in accessing a global customer base, companies have seemingly unlimited opportunities for growth with economies of scale. There are plenty of instances of regional companies already doing this.

A community and its businesses should have a common vision and values. However, if they are not properly supported with some of the new technologies, they can become very frustrated and even slip into decline.

People can no longer just rely on governments and others to keep them informed, as they are too busy fighting for their own positions in the technology arena. We must evaluate and build the people in the community who can advance with technology for the good of everyone.

Are you utilising modern technology

All of the Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning must be viewed in relation to technology. You can no longer make decisions without first looking at the implications of the new technologies and the efficiencies which can be derived. Planning should always come before technology, not the other way around, even though some technologies can create whole new ways of doing things.

The smart communities are already using quality interactive Internet sites and social media to promote themselves. They are creating whole new ways for their communities to respond to the marketplace.

We are building a new industrial order, and the new technologies are not confined to the Internet or to telecommunications. Also, keep in mind modern technologies are not just confined to big business. Small enterprises are probably the biggest beneficiaries of modern technology.

Technology covers a wide field including, websites, social media, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Mobility, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to name a few. Perhaps an inventory of the community’s technologies would reveal some significant attributes to build the future community infrastructure.

Quotable Quotes

“Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone”. Steven Spielberg

“A community infrastructure should have a framework to provide a tool for coordinating diverse infrastructure activities and ensure the information required to make a good investment and management decisions is available”. Peter sergeant.



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