Community performance counts

Improve community performance where it counts.

Ever wonder why some communities work better than others?

Whatever you do make sure the community performance makes you happy and the people in the community happy. It is the integration of social, environmental and economic objectives and strategies which will best address regional community performance.

Small businesses are tired of working with companies and governments who do not understand or care about their businesses. Where I find a thriving community, I can always assume the local government is proactive. They understand the problems, frustrations, wants and needs of their community and the businesses have supportive supply chains.

Good leadership plays a crucial role in meeting the wants and needs of communities and reversing the ‘brain drain’. Movers and shakers and volunteers are becoming tired because there are too few of them.

As many rural areas are characterised by an ageing and declining population, a priority in community development is critical. Transformation should be to provide the services and facilities to enable ageing rural people to stay in their homes and communities.

While most people accept health care and retirement facilities cannot ever be brought up to the same standards as it is in the cities. However, they do expect a minimum standard of care to be maintained.

Local, State and Federal Governments need to be measuring the impact of their policies and socioeconomic changes across regional segments.

Those communities plugged into cloud computing are now more likely to prosper.


The convergence of economic conditions,  cloud computing, consumer trends and lifestyles has created a new regional environment. Improving opportunities which embrace small enterprise and job creation will be advantages to those communities embracing the future.

Community performance can reverse the brain drain

According to the Regional Australia Institute. For every 100,000 who choose to live in small regional communities rather than our major cities, the savings in congestion costs would be in the order of $292 million per year or $4.9 billion over 30 years. Not a bad incentive for governments to redirect more funding to our regional, rural and remote communities.

It also means the communities who understand and create an environment in which small enterprises flourish will survive and thrive. You will find communities, both large and small, who boasts the highest concentration of innovative enterprises have something in common. They are offering better access to resources which benefit small, micro, home-based and lifestyle businesses than those that don’t.

Take care of the streetscapes and retail sectors? Without a vibrant central business district with active retail, your town will not attract new businesses, new residents or tourists. You will want to ensure the retail businesses are doing well so the community can flourish. Retail matters.

Business owners support the community with their dollars in countless ways. So, so the last thing you want is to see them leave and the empty shops starting to appear again.

Communities who help remove the problems and frustrations will grow and create jobs.

Community performance delivers fun and excitement

People in small enterprises are there to have fun, enjoy their operations and the community where they live. Communities who do not recognise this are apt to ignore small enterprises which are now moulding the real future of our communities.

Internet-savvy enterprises are more likely to grow faster than those that aren’t. They are also more likely to create new job opportunities and solve the social issues of a community. Small enterprises who stay active online are more likely to provide the best customer service and experiences, as most people today, looking to purchase anything, go the Internet first before engaging a person.

An enterprise’s Internet and social media presence also indicate adaptability and likelihood to innovate, while creating networks and clustering dedicated to the improved profitability, growth and positive changes.

What does it take to grow a great community? Aside from entrepreneurial drive, hard work, creativity, innovation and an occasional spurt of luck? Just maybe it is a sense of belonging and a feeling of connectedness to a community, both locally, nationally and more global.

Let the past go to increase your capacity

The fact you are involved means you are probably thinking about creating a new vision for the community. When setting new objectives to take it into the future, ensure one is to be concerned with the community performance. If you are, then you might want to start removing the ‘mind traffic’, and deciding what you are not going to tolerate as you move forward.

Trying to create an extraordinary community life with the same level of thinking? It is feeling and behaving which has led it to this point and is only going to get you more of the same. More than likely the most prominent thing preventing you from creating what you want is not resources, its resourcefulness.

The smartphone now has more computing power than Houston Control Centre when they put a man on the moon. This will give you some idea about how much things have changed. It is all based on the silicon chip will double in capacity every couple of years. Since the silicon chip was invented in the ‘80s I believe, we have made much progress, but many communities have not kept up.

Community performance requires commitment

Your best approach is your commitment and the energy you need to put behind your problem-solving and decision-making. Be extraordinary and do not worry about the issues of the past, except to learn from them.

Have you decided to start the journey to achieve extraordinary things for the community? Are you are going to have to lighten your load and leave some stuff behind which can weigh you down?

Make a start on improving community performance by immersing yourself in the world of small, micro, home-based and lifestyle businesses. It is these businesses which will be setting the pace for the future. It is communities who are finding it hard to cope with micro start-ups who are finding it tough.

Now is a good time to decide what you are going to eradicate to free up you and others to deliver excellent outcomes. If doing what is needed is worth the effort make the most of what you have and stop milling over past regrets.

Quotable Quotes

“Improve your energy level, and it will take care of your time management as you start to create a new future”. Peter Sergeant

“Sometimes a single new micro startup can kick off a good community development program for a community” Peter sergeant



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