Complacency costs community sustainability

Complacency kills communities and businesses.

Many are happy with their town or village

Work-life balance is a bit of a misconception. You are never genuinely balanced life, even though you might be feeling great, complacency costs you and the community sustainability. The thing is you should be striving for it as a concept. The trick is to ensure you are engaged and involved with all the essential aspects of your life and to have them running smoothly. From family to finance, from career to being well connected.


If you are happy with your community and your lifestyle, why change anything?


The thing is you are continually changing either by growing or shrinking, stopping or starting, getting up or falling. As you make decisions, big or small, they are affecting your “balance”, in which there is no constant balance. Complacency rarely builds better communities and lifestyles.

If your community, or lifestyle are not heading in the right direction or are veering off course and likely to upset your level of comfort, perhaps it is time to act. Maybe you are feeling restless in your community? If so, you’re not alone, and there is a good chance you are feeling restless in your personal life, as well.

Lifestyle and career must always be kept heading in the right direction. Aas time unfolds you can miss a turn or adversity strikes. There could be circumstances beyond your control which cause you to realise some aspects of the community, your life or career needs a complete makeover.

Should you be feeling a little uneasy about your situation:

  • Take simple actions to refocus on your desired outcomes
  • Take strategic steps to ensure an even better community to live and work
  • Be bold and take significant steps to make a complete change of circumstances.

What if your town or village is working well as it is?

It may be you are not as aware as you should be, of what is going on in your community, your life or your career.

You might secretly be wishing you could be more enthusiastic, more productive or more creative. You know something needs to change, but you don’t know what change is necessary or what your next step should be.

Perhaps the changes you need to make can come about through:

  • Education
  • Avoiding complacency and moving out of your comfort zone
  • Creating a more responsive local government
  • Seeking support for your aspirations and opportunities
  • Become more engaged with community activities
  • Improve the technology you have available
  • Gather a trusted group and explore possible disruptions and future scenarios.

Most people are keen to understand more about how others are planning to transform into the globalised economy. I am not surprised because industries globally are being disrupted by technology at a pace and to their very core that is unheralded since the industrial revolution.

Communities and individuals are indeed not immune to disruption; no business is either. Legacy and incumbency permeate many, who need to disrupt themselves before external disruptions irrevocably change them. Tomorrow offers both a challenge and an opportunity. Everyone can chart his or her course through today’s challenges, but it will be harder without seeking appropriate help.

Avoid complacency and start having even more fun

It is not a time for having talkfests and endless committee meetings, trying to make decisions on which one idea everyone wants to use and taking forever to get around to doing something. It is a time for becoming an action orientated person and community.

  • While there is usually some urgency to change, take small steps
  • Look for opportunities to innovate
  • Take steps to improve information and knowledge sharing in the community
  • It is a time to expand your networks and contacts

It seems so simple to share what you know is going on. However, we don’t do it enough. There are many ways to do it, and plenty of small steps to go forward and start having even more fun.

There is no doubt this is a critical time in our globalised, technology-driven world. On one hand demand for core products and services has never been greater. On the other hand, disruption, driven by changing dynamics and intense competition is likely without precedent.

Having a closer look at your community could reveal many opportunities to improve.


Learn from the past

Since the 1700s our regional, rural and remote communities have been at the forefront of connecting Australia and Australians, to each other and the world. Our history is rich with achievements and milestones which have shaped both who we are as a country and helped create the fabric of our nation.

In that time we have confronted many challenges and built a legacy which shapes our communities, businesses, non-profit organisations along with our relationships and our opportunities for the future. Complacency was never part of our makeup; there was always too much to do.

However, now it is time to change. Because while our size and legacy are significant assets which have contributed to our success in the past, there is no doubt they are also now acting as a barrier and getting in the way of what our communities now need to become. Agile and nimble enough to respond quickly to rapidly changing global dynamics and the evolving opportunities.

Quotable Quotes

“To create something exceptional, relentlessly focus on the big picture and don’t just rely on the normal channels of advice, or worse still your comfort zone. Don’t let complacency sneak into your life”. Peter Sergeant

“Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies”. Esther Lederer

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”. Katharine Hepburn



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