Content marketing challenges can be overcome.

Seek expertise in overcoming content marketing challenges

Everyone has content marketing challenges

As a business, non-profit or a community developer, you need to find someone who can overcome the content marketing challenges and understands the many disciplines involved. Someone responsible for the writing, analysing, planning, crafting, writing distributing, and promoting valuable content.

Content marketing is one of the essential activities lacking in many regional, rural and remote communities. This one fact is what causes their struggles to continue and a disconnect with the community members, visitors and potential tourists.

Content marketing can be difficult and cause procrastination when starting with a blank page.

There is no secret content marketing requires a lot of time, effort, knowledge, and experience. If you have never had experience with content marketing, it will be easier to overcome the challenges if you focus on having a productive year, and by understanding some of the typical content marketing challenges.

Action the content marketing challenges

  • Allocate sufficient time for quality content creation. To create well-written content which brings value to your readers is essential. The best content writers write something every day, thereby improving their skills more quickly.
  • Set your daily routines.
    • Your work will be different so rearrange your priorities
    • Keep a focus on the most critical community objectives
    • Delegate or outsource tasks as appropriate
    • Utilise content marketing tools and processes
    • Find and use your most productive writing time in your day.
  • Know your audience and the issues they will want to learn, know about and understand. Analyse market segments and write for the various sectors (business, non-profit organisations, education, tourists). There is no one size fits all.
  • Revise existing content. If unsure of its quality seek advice and learn how to evaluate useful content.
  • Improve your writing speed. Yes, it is like learning to drive a car, the more you understand and practice, the faster you can go with safety.
  • Write down content ideas wherever you are. Never lose them, you need to establish a list of ideas and opportunities. Do not be caught trying to think up things to write about, which is what causes the frustration with the work.

Create a budget for content marketing challenges as well as creation.

Like anything, there will be expenses, software, hardware, graphic design and so on.

Learn to create all types of content, text, video, photographs, infographics and diagrams. Your content must capture the attention of busy people with little time. To know the kind of material the audience likes along with how, when and where to present it is a must.

Understand the trends which are and will in the future impact your community. It will help you to be a thought leader and more able to help and support community members.

Keep the community’s content engaging, inspiring and relevant is critical. Just remember garbage in equals garbage out. Content which doesn’t engage is useless and a waste of your time.

Develop your system for generating ideas, opportunities and related content.
  • Generate useful content ideas. Avoid doing ‘stuff’, use the time to relax, think and reflect on community objectives and issues and plan appropriate content. Generating useful content ideas is vital

The more ideas you have, the better.

  • Keep an eye on breaking news which impacts the community members
  • Attend local government and other community meetings
  • Spend time in the community, walking around and attending events
  • Seek comments on your content to find insights from readers
  • Draw inspiration from other towns and villages who succeed and fail
  • Know the people in the community who generate good ideas and opportunities to write about

Grow your organic reach.

Market your content marketing. Utilise your community’s websites and social media platforms. Pay for some advertising until you can create content which will go viral. Consider the places where your target audience is most likely to see your content and discuss it.

Monitor and review content marketing effectiveness. Never assume your content is doing the job it was intended to do. People often believe their content is successful just because it is their material and it looks pretty.

Content marketing is a competitive discipline, so staying one step ahead of your competition is vital. Take time to review any competitive content as it will help to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in helping to move your community forward.

Why content marketing is valuable to any size community.

Content marketing could be just what you need to make a breakthrough in the community.

Good content will stir people into taking action and making things happen.

It helps to open doors and attract more people and business opportunities to your community.

It allows you to create a platform for job creation, a springboard to launch new careers.

There will be people in your community who are experts in their chosen field, seek them out as they can help your community to make an impact.

There are many jobs available in regional communities which no one knows even exist.

Good content marketing could be just what the community needs to retain its young people.

Know what you want to achieve with content marketing, then look for people who can help you, looking for ways to engage them and keep them excited in assisting you.

Marketing techniques every business can use

Improve your understanding of the community and its marketplace to improve your problem-solving and decision-making when it comes to marketing.

  • Know your community problems, frustrations wants and needs
  • Have measurable objectives
  • Keep your website updated
  • Grow your social media profile and presence
  • Show your community’s attributes and expertise in blogs
  • Understand the community value chain
  • Write regular press releases
  • Become involved in networking and community events
  • Be consistent in all your marketing campaigns.
Measuring your content marketing outcomes and help to turn on the tap.

Many people are so busy they never have time beyond their day-to-day activities. Consequently, they have a ‘hit and mis’ approach to their marketing efforts. It makes your aspirations harder to achieve.

Every day we have to do something which will stoke the fire! If we aren’t keeping it going, it will burn out. As the Irish say “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”.

Quotable Quotes

“The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous”. Peter Drucker

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself”. Peter Drucker

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