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When creating content that produces enough traffic and leads, businesses should ask themselves two questions: Are you genuinely creating high-quality content, the type of content people will buy? And, do you know the kind of content your audience wants? Do you ever feel like your excellent content is going to waste? Or that your competitors are somehow connecting more powerfully with your target audience than you are?

Create content your target market segments want to read and be valuable enough to deliver their desired outcomes. Unfortunately, far too many businesses have no idea what content their audiences want to read. Typically the people asked to write content have various other tasks, little idea what to write about and receive scant instructions for management who think they need to improve their content marketing.

Some companies are guilty of churning out content based only on their needs and wants. They have no idea how valuable, practical and helpful content can boost their bottom line. If only they were to do these things, the outcomes would amaze them.

  • Take every opportunity to talk to customers and understand their problems, frustrations, wants and needs. Then, connect your content with your communities.
  • Create a small customer focus group to understand the type of content customers would like and how they would like it delivered.
  • Assist the writers of content in learning about structuring and using the correct language for your target market.
  • Survey your customers, ask for feedback and take appropriate actions to improve your content
  • Devote a few minutes at every meeting to ask the question, What is it we can do to improve our customer experience and improve your services delivery”?
  • Know how to write good headlines that will attract attention. Content is of little value if people don’t take the time to read it.
  • Don’t bog down good content with padding and fluff. Instead, keep it short, simple and to the point.
  • If in doubt about the effectiveness of your current content, engage an editor with practical experience with your marketplace.
  • It is crucial to be consistent with a good content marketing program that readers will regularly receive and consume. Listen and learn more than you write, and your content will continue to improve the intended outcomes.

The best thing about quality content is you don’t have to keep rewriting it. So to me, the more I write, the better I become and the faster I can produce the content my customers and other stakeholders need.

Quotable Quotes

“Some fear of your content not working is reasonable because it means you are creating content you care about and not just wishing and hoping your few words will work” Peter Sergeant.

“Writing and managing quality content isn’t about using big words to impress people. It’s about using simple words to get messages across and solve problems on the job”. Peter Sergeant

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