Crisis management makes hard times diminish.

Crisis management skills are vital during adversity.

Guide your organisation through the crisis.

Business owners and managers are in the midst of a global crisis, many without crisis management skills. They are all suffering because of a lack of experience in such health and an economic catastrophe. Most people are naturally introvert and humble, which is not always the best way to move forward during a crisis. The beauty of disruption is the rediscovery of the future you want.

Take time out to write down all your life dreams and big goals? It can be an exciting exercise, and I highly recommend you try it during this time as it will help you to refocus on creating a better outlook for your future.

Before much time passes, you will be asking the ‘Big Why’ behind how you have been supporting my family, making enough money to pay the bills and keep food on the table. The reality now for most people without change, they will remain in desperation mode.

Well, you might sit for a while. But soon enough, you will ask the key questions.  “What’s next”, or “what do I do now”?” Maybe you will even ask, “who is going to help me”?

Rarely a crisis will fix itself. So during a crisis invest your limited time wisely and make better progress.

Whatever you do, don’t let crisis management skills overwhelm you.

Any crisis is not a very comfortable place to suddenly find yourself. You must find a way forward during a time of unprecedented uncertainty. The challenges facing organisations, employees, and communities are unparalleled, the stakes are high, and certainty is in short supply. 

Under the circumstances, it is only natural to feel unprepared to lead and do anything with confidence. Perhaps a first move might be to engage an advisor or mentor and learn all you can about problem-solving and decision-making. Don’t throw caution to the wind; you must become more action orientated.

Look for ways to reduce worry, fear, anxiety, pressure, and stress and become incapacitated, as there is always something you can do. Keep searching until you discover insight and foresight to guide you to a better future outlook.

Every crisis is different for everyone. So there’s not a clear game plan for solving your issues. However, you can keep challenging and changing your approach.

Telling people what you don’t know is the key to building credibility with your stakeholders. If you don’t, your family,  customers, employees, and others will recognise you are not being upfront with them and might assume that you can’t be trusted to make the right decisions.

If you spend your time around people with a revenue of $50,000 a year, you will find it challenging learning about crisis management and how to make $50,000 in a month?

Know your weaknesses in crisis management.

In times of adversity if will pay to make a quick assessment of your capacity to make a difference. Contact us for this tool “Measuring Managenmement Capacity” to identify areas for improvement and areas where you need support,

Key Message: The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot, and you can make the most of what you have to do to help people, which is the same as anyone else, 168 hours per week.

Quotable Quotes

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it”. Stephen Covey

“Time is the only capital any human being has and the only thing they can’t afford to lose”. Thomas Edison

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