Direction improves business outcomes

One-page plan makes direction clear.

Lack of direction causes many problems and frustrations

Do you feel overloaded and stressed because of the direction your business is taking? Are your sales and profits declining, and you are only just surviving whilst struggling with poor cash flow? Perhaps the direction you are taking is so bad your best employees have been slowly leaving, and you are only one lost customer away from bankruptcy? 

Running a business is hard enough without continually running around in circles and maintaining the struggles. But, unfortunately, It is precisely what you risk doing if you don’t clarify your business direction. Businesses that start failing often lack clarity of purpose, so it pays to get your business’s purpose sorted first.

Every day brings with it a chance for a new beginning. So watch the sun come up and take advantage of it.

Saving a business from the brink of disaster is not easy.

Of course, you can do it. Often all that is needed are a few new strategies to change its direction. A change in work habits along with good practical advice and support can also impact the direction. The important first step is to take a deep breath, adjust your mental attitude, be positive and start believing in yourself and what you are trying to achieve. The way business is done today is changing rapidly.

Changes are being driven by globalisation and technology, forcing everyone to take a new look at the direction they are travelling in. So perhaps it’s time to take action on the direction both you and your business is going in before it becomes too difficult to change.

Time to organise a clear direction

Running a business can be hard enough without being disorganised. However, being disorganised is precisely what you risk doing if you don’t clarify your business direction. Businesses that start failing often lack clarity of purpose, so it pays to get your business’s direction clarified as quickly as possible.

Don’t try and go in more than one direction at a time.

Your business plan should clearly document you chosen direction.

The plans you put in place are likely to change as time goes by. They should give you a general direction for the business aimed at achieving the outcomes you want. However, any strategic direction should be adaptable and changes made to reflect the changes in the market. Your business needs to have a clear strategic direction to ensure the business is performing at the level you want. It needs to be clearly documented and clearly communicated to all stakeholders.

A thorough, well-constructed business plan defines the direction you want your business to take and provides documentation of the activities that will keep it on track. It should record all the known obstacles, challenges and new opportunities you will encounter. It is also a way to measure your expectations,  growth and performance.

Look back on your business’s progress in the past year. Is the current vision outdated and not providing a sense of direction?  Even if you had a vision for your business, revision is always something worth considering. The business plan also provides the appropriate documentation when you need to raise capital or looking for a partnership to help grow your business. A good place to start some new planning might be the One-Page Business Plan,

Avoid being too busy; conserve your time to deal with this critical issue. Focus your time on profit, growth and sustainability. Focus on what you are good at and outsource the rest. Get started by making a list of the problems to solve in your business. Then make a list of the vendors, contractors and other service providers you think might be able to help you to achieve your desired direction quicker, better and cheaper than you can.

Need some help in resetting your direction? Contact us for some extra help with this important issue.

Quotable quotes.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails always to reach my destination”. Jimmy Dean

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”. John F. Kennedy

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