Don’t worry about frustrations act on them.

Unfortunately, when people have serious frustrations, they procrastinate and stop working on the problem. However, if you can take small steps forward, you will make progress; many small steps improve things significantly.

Make a list of your top 5 frustrations, so you can start to enjoy your business again. Learn what triggers these frustrations as well as who or what causes them. When you recognise the causes of your frustrations, you can handle these situations better or avoid them altogether.

Once you have learned the triggers, you can seek professional help with coping mechanisms you may use. The more you know, the more you understand, and the less your frustrations become an issue.

Visualise a positive outcome for each of your main frustrations. Don’t get hung up with worry and leave no room for failure. Instead, see yourself achieving your desired results, one step at a time. When you start moving forwards again, you will probably find that your main frustrations were trivial and you worried for no reason.

Before you quit, here are some things you can do to relieve your frustrations

Take time to relax, think, reflect and do some serious planning,   Often people become frustrated because they are stuck, and no matter how hard you try, you don’t seem to get anywhere. They’re just spinning their wheels, and all you feel is pure frustration. It is the point where many people will say, “I Quit”, and give up.

  • Have a break as you may be tired or mentally drained.
  • Decide what’s working and what’s not – how big is the problem?
  • Stay positive, and things will not seem as bad as they first appear.
  • Refer to your list of past successes to regain the confidence to act.
  • Stop worrying. Worrying is a definite waste of energy and does not move you in a forwards direction.
  • Focus on what you want to happen, the outcome.
  • Stop procrastinating and start taking action, even if they are only small ones.
  • Keep your sense of humour as a positive mind is far more open to solutions and answers.
  • Visualise a positive outcome to your frustration.
  • Remove the clutter and simplify; get to the core of the causes of the issues you have.

What are your options? There are usually multiple ways to move forward past your frustrations?

Become action orientated. When frustrations get serious, you tend not to want to work on it anymore. It’s hard, it’s frustrating, and you’re not getting anywhere. However, once you start moving forwards again, you will most likely find that you are worried for no reason.

Quotable Quotes

 “Create a desire within yourself to take action to solve your problems and frustrations and satisfy your wants and needs. If you want to solve big problems, pay attention to small things and become action-orientated”. Peter Sergeant

“Worry and frustration are usually caused by poor organisation, preparation, control and a lack of action because you are not working to your strengths”. Peter Sergeant

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