Economic Gardening programs creation.

Economic Gardening programs are customised to each town or village

Economic Gardening programs are customised.

Economic Gardening programs are tailored to address particular situations and to meet the community, business and personal objectives. Programs can be designed to meet goals for such things as:

  1. Creating and supporting small, micro, home-based and lifestyle business start-ups
  2. Creating new jobs
  3. Growing businesses and non-profit organisations already existing
  4. Improving services delivery to the community
  5. Making strategic improvements to a town or village
  6. Dealing with the issues of drought and adversity
  7. Developing community ecosystems and operating frameworks. 

Problems will be solved; connections made, and doors opened to new opportunities. Economic Gardening programs provide with practical information and knowledge, tools processes, checklists, templates along with excursions and events where applicable.

Programs begin with an appropriate analysis of the community, markets,  the participant’s businesses and individuals as required, all necessary to focus on creating improvements and value.

Of course, the program will be backed by entrepreneurial and regional, rural and remote community experience, which will be reliable, practical, useful and helpful. If you’re going to work hard to achieve your goals, you owe it to yourself to find the fastest way to bring them alive.

Focusing on what matters

It matters because the customer is paying for it. Not an investor, not a venture capitalist, but a customer who decided they needed what you had to offer.

The bootstrapper builds something from scratch, something you own and nurture and build around your customers, not your investors.

It’s easy to believe that owning something is for other people, but this path is available to each of us. It’s a useful, leveraged, effective way to make a difference and to make a living.

One of our “Business Health Check” Tools.

An Economic Gardening program is the way to grow sustainably.

The program helps people to move out of their comfort zones with proven approaches to creating value while meeting aspirations. Schedules are flexible and additional support is provided in assisting the participants in acting and adapting to the reality of the future.

Participants learn to implement projects which matter without necessarily needing to raise additional funds.

Which lane will you choose to improve your future?

Its possible participants will be very successful because we help them figured out whom to serve and how to do it well, and because they found the right business model, contributed insight, effort and care, and mostly because their motivation and enthusiasm were accelerated.

The workshops and online support infrastructure are in put in place to figure out many of the things which need special attention.

Why the ambulance? When dreams become real, people tend to speed up.

Economic Gardening program features.

  • Making use of simple analysis tools
  • Practical hands-on workshops with discussions and group learning
  • Well-developed practical presentations
  • Continuous improvement initiatives
  • New opportunity generation
  • Innovative approaches to problem-solving and decision-making
  • Practical online support during and after the program
  • Development of connections and relationships
  • Improving organisational management, change management and capacity building
  • Think like an owner and manage projects which will make a difference
  • Access to other materials to support an individual’s objectives
  • Attracting population and growing permanent roots into the community
  • Build strong foundations and frameworks
  • Build trust and faith in the community they live and work.
  • A more effective way to get you to where you want to go
  • And more.

There are no tests, no grades, and no certificates. Instead, programs focus on ideas and opportunities to break log-jams, giving participants a new way to look at the world and then challenging them to explore it even further.

Economic Gardening activities are designed to improve outcomes.

Participants support each other, teaching each other, challenging each other to go further on their journey. You can’t fall behind; there’s wisdom in every aspect. Take what you need, contribute what you can, and repeat.

Available resources for Economic Gardening programs

Faq Support has amassed the resources necessary to conduct a wide variety of Economic Gardening programs, including:

  • 500 presentations
  • 40 ebooks
  • Hundreds of tools, processes, checklists and templates
  • Business and community health checks
  • Access to Daily Inspirations
  • Hundreds of long-form blogs
  • An infrastructure for ongoing support.

All participants have more to contribute than they think

Economic Gardening builds and grows a community of people who know they are lifelong learners, where they can always become better. All of us know more than any of us. The ability to help others see what’s right in front of them becomes real as together they create brighter visions of the future.

The focus is relentless as participants build something worth building, a project worth sharing while creating products and services they can sell and learning how to achieve outstanding outcomes. People in our programs don’t care where a participant came from, but they’re very interested in where they’re going and how they might be able to help each other.

Economic Gardening programs lead to seeing better outcomes.

Learning needs assessments, ‘Business Health Checks’ and other analysis tools uncover opportunities to more desirable results. Community and individual growth hinges on innovation and capacity building initiatives.

Everyone can develop the capacity to be creative and innovate. Economic Gardening programs will teach you, inspire you and connect you to peers who will help you discover the path to a better, more productive future. The concepts presented are disruptive yet straight forward it taking people beyond their comfort zones.

Participants discover how building projects can be more straightforward and rewarding than they ever thought possible. The tools and processes are available for participants to have the freedom to be creative and innovate, particularly when it comes to organisational management, change management and capacity building.

Who can participate in Economic Gardening programs?

Anyone can participate who is interested in business, non-profits and improving their town or village. The young learn from the experience and wisdom of the old, and the old learn about the modern world from the young.

It can be a win-win situation which can be improved by selection criteria. However, it would help if you weren’t afraid of creating a mix of people, jobs and roles in the community, as diversity can lead to innovative outcomes beyond expectations.

Quotable Quotes

“An Economic Gardening program is not about just finding solutions to problems; it’s more about making things happen”. Peter Sergeant

“You can get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”. Zig Ziglar

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