Economic Gardening, recover faster from adversity.

Economic Gardening the community savior.

Could Economic Gardening be your best option?

Economic Gardening is an alternative to traditional strategies used to revitalise businesses and their communities. Explore how you can benefit from being on the ‘edge of chaos’. It is where conditions and circumstances overlap and enable the creation of unique products or services.

Sometimes, you just know, and some entrepreneurs are naturals at spotting opportunities and gravitating toward a more optimistic outlook. It might be as simple as being in the right place at the right time with the right systems, tools and processes.

Fortunately, Economic Gardening programs offer reliable methodologies to find the solutions required to help our regional, rural and remote communities survive and thrive.

Economic Gardening Programs can be customised to address particular situations and to meet the community, business and personal objectives. Programs design can achieve goals for such things as:

  • Creating and supporting new business start-ups.
  • New jobs for the future.
  • Growing businesses and non-profit organisations already existing.
  • Services delivery to the community.
  • Make strategic improvements to a town or village.
  • Issues resulting from adversity.
  • Redesigning community ecosystems and new operating models and frameworks. 
By completing Business Health Checks with the participants you are able to hone in on critical issues.

Economic Gardening programs solve multiple problems.

What problems do they have which you are not solving? What don’t customers like about how you deliver a service or product? You need to fully understand customers post the COVID-19 pandemic and where you are missing opportunities to maintain your customer base. Part of an Economic Gardening program should be to ask your customers for feedback on your current products and services.

As more organisations are choosing remote work as an option for their employees, there has never been a more critical time to get performance management right.  If you don’t have a tried and tested protocol for working remotely, it can cause challenges.

Economic Gardening helps to reconnect people.

People can feel disconnected. Managers can lack visibility, and the day-to-day feedback you may enjoy when you work next to each other can disappear if you’re in separate locations.

Some projects may be on hold, especially with all the work-related news clamouring for our attention, Now is precisely the right time to think about performance management. How can you make it simpler, how we make it more useful and how you get it working for everyone.

The inquiry needs to go much more deeply than traditional surveys. You need to discover insights into what is missing, what will work well going into an uncertain future, and what will enable customers to recover faster. You help them, and they will help you in return.

Once you find the opportunities, you must put them into play. It might include modifications to existing services or products, creating new, or changing the way you deliver your products and services.

The strategic approach is to make sure you are working within your capabilities. Align your resources in such a way, they will create maximum value for your current and future customer base. Economic Gardening provides many great ideas to support you. Grow your business ecosystem and take advantage of an expanding market, post the COVID-19 pandemic.

When you have significant setbacks perhaps it’s time to investigate the possibilities of an Economic Gardening Program for your community. Please contact us for details,

Key Message: Economic Gardening is an entrepreneurial alternative to traditional economic development strategies.

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