Editing content requires expertise

Improve your content with external editing.

Editing is an investment in your success

My biggest problem over the years has been my typos and spelling mistakes because of a lack of editing. This has been a continuing problem because I am more concerned with the value of the content. My mind moves to fast to pick up all the typos, spelling and grammatical errors.

The advent of content marketing has made it critical to edit your content on your website, social media, blogs and associated marketing materials. The problem and frustration are magnified because it is so difficult to edit your own work.

Sometimes you just cannot see the trees for the leaves. Clarity can easily be overpowered by using the wrong words and being too longwinded or verbose.  The eyes of a good editor can pick up on these problems and overcome them. Often it can be just a matter of adjusting the language you use to suit your target market.

While it is almost impossible to read a book or an article without seeing a typo. However, when I see one in my own work, it can send me on a real downer. The last thing I want my audience to see is a typo as it detracts from my content.

Bad content costs customers

There are businesses who rely exclusively on their subject matter to deliver content which their audiences will want to read and share.  While you might think you work is wonderful and it looks good to you, it can be a real turnoff to customers.

  • Typos
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Inappropriate language
  • Wrong words used
  • Wordy sentences and sentence structure
  • Writing style
  • Poor spacing and font selection
  • Passive voice
  • Poor or inappropriate diagrams and photographs.

While it is impossible to be perfect, you want your work to be as error-free and pristine as possible. You will be forgiven for the occasional mistake, but there is always a limit. One or two inappropriate mistakes on your website and you may never see the person again. One click and they are gone.

Most people will forgive one or two mistakes in a short article and a publisher may forgive one error for every 5,00 words. But when a website or short article has a serious error every 100 words, the chances are you will never hear from them again.

You may not be able to afford an editor or copywriter, but can you afford to lose potentially good customers? You cannot undo the first impression your content makes.

How effective are you at growing your customer base.? If your sales funnels are creating disappointing results, then it will pay you to consider an editor to rework your website and social media blogs. as well as your marketing collateral.

Editing is an enabler of great content

Editors help to give birth to the stories which are sitting there, in someone’s head, just waiting to be told.  They ask you the right questions, challenge your assumptions, find connections between disparate pieces, and help you to shape your stories.

Editors will find things wrong with your proposals and submission. They find little things perhaps you should have been aware. Those small mistakes can cost you plenty, in new business opportunities and reputation.

Every aspect of your content marketing should aim to define a new solution to the problems and frustrations of your target market segments. Your main aim should be to have your content provide value in such a way it enables the discovery of true solutions to the real problems. Editors can help you to make discoveries of where more value can be created.

Your editing strategy will be critical

Regardless what anybody says you cannot do too much editing. When you read your material weeks or a months later, when you have forgotten what you wrote, you will be amazed at the number of mistakes.

The editor you choose needs to be known as someone who has knowledge in your field. You will only want their services if you trust their wisdom and they must have some understanding of your target market jargon and be able to explain the technical jargon in layman’s terminology. Your content must pass the ‘so what’ test.

Should you be using friends and colleagues to do your editing, be careful as they will become complacent with your writing. While you may have purchased an editing tool, no computer program can completely edit a to your satisfaction. They certainly will not inspire you to keep writing, like an editor can.

Get your editing strategy right, and in alignment with your marketing strategy which best supports your vision and objectives. You will become focused and clear rather than out of control. A good editing strategy is an investment, not a cost.

Quotable Quotes

“You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke”. Arthur Plotnik

“I try to write as clearly as I can, but I find editors make it even clearer”. Peter Sergeant




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