Enabling real people build communities

Enabling the people builds communities

It is the people who will make the difference

By enabling and supporting real people working together,  you can build a thriving regional, rural or remote community. You can do this by, using the right tools, processes and be providing outcomes everyone who lives there is looking for. Here are some suggestions:

  • Conscious community development is done in community
  • Improve the streetscape and the roads into the community
  • Find ways to innovate and generate more opportunities
  • Improve the community’s value chain
  • Foster cooperation to compete
  • Grow an online presence with good content management
  • Motivate people to become more of a contributor to their community
  • Encourage spending money in your community
  • Make money move around your community
  • Promote sustainable pricing, stop undercutting progress
  • Support for those who need help
  • Remember a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Through projects, and action orientation the community and its members can enhance the quality of lives, and isn’t this what people like doing? People like helping people. Visualise the community you want, because if you can’t see it, it is unlikely to materialise.

Regional communities need to, as a group, recognise new learning is their most valuable approach. If the people of the community continue to lean solely on their own understanding, change will be difficult and the struggles of the community will continue and decline will be inevitable.

Identify the entrepreneurs and gazelles

The entrepreneurs and gazelles will help you and the community to become aligned, focused, and accountable. Entrepreneurs will help people work with purpose toward common goals.

One of the key attributes of an entrepreneur is their ability to address the issues by ‘connecting the dots’ and solving the problems. They can help you to create and nurture a vital and vibrant startup environment in a community and across a region to create a pipeline of opportunities.

Life in a regional community is like photography, you need your negatives to develop into positive action. Never let fear decide your future.  Don’t be afraid to start over again, because it’s another chance to rebuild the community you really want.

Sometimes community development can feel like jumping off the top of a building and trying to clean the windows on the way down, while you think of new ways to create a better community. Your only mistake will be to not learn anything.

As a community developer, having laser focus is important. You will spend hundreds, or even thousands, of hours, developing the skills and knowledge necessary to improve your innovation and execution ability. If you believe that if others could see your ideas the way you see them, you may be only a short presentation away from making them a reality.

But unfortunately, your expertise alone is simply not enough.  The reality is, it is your ability to convey the value of your ideas and opportunities to others efficiently and effectively, which usually determines success. Moses was probably the first person to use PowerPoint. If he didn’t need more than two stone tablets and ten bullet points to persuade the people to follow him, neither do you.

New technologies will be enabling communities to perform better

We are talking about a new world where, if you can imagine it, you can create it. Things like 3D printing will be enabling us to custom print most of the basic commodities in our lives. If you want anything from a gun to a toy for your children, all you will have to do is download it, and it will be ready for printing in your home.

To this end, you are enabling home-based and lifestyle businesses to thrive. Some of the first opportunities will involve alterations to houses to accommodate new workspaces.

Quotable Quotes

“The important thing is enabling community members to dream big. Then to take the necessary action so you make the dreams come to pass”. Peter Sergeant.

“To truly motivate others. 1) discover what their motives, desires and drivers are. 2) genuinely connect with and support them from the heart”. Rasheed Ogunlaru



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