Experiential communities can make a difference.

Listen to the people, particularly young people in the community. What are they saying, “this place is boring”? What do they want to do, and how can the community accommodate their aspirations. It might mean the available education needs to be revitalised and the importance of their contribution recognised and rewarded. Improve the experiences people in the community have along with the visitors.

The customer experience is critical in everything you do, from the meet and greet to the website and social media. Think about the kind of person you go to when you’re working through a challenge. They help you think things through, ask the right questions, and come up with your answers. They’re supportive but give you room to experiment, learn and grow.

Look at ways and means of creating an “experiential environment” within the community. Places to go, things to do, allowing people to be experiencing things in new exciting ways, that pleases them and they will appreciate and remember. World-famous Sydney Opera House is especially relevant to an experiential community.

Virtual reality aids experiencial activity.

Everyone in the community can contribute, they just need to be a little creative and innovate. Remember the things you enjoyed in the past. It may generate some ideas. Encourage local people when they travel to look for new ideas and opportunities for the local population and what the tourists like to experience.

Most advances in science, business, technology and other fields of endeavour have been made by people who would not accept that something could not be done.

Quotable quotes

Take time to think and reflect on your experiences and relationships. Look for the lessons you have learned so you can apply your findings to similar situations in your future”. Peter Sergeant

“Look for ways you can improve the customers experience and help them to take the next step of their journey”. Peter Sergeant

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