Exponential change is upon us all.

Exponential change, waits for nobody.

COVID-19  give a whole new meaning to exponential.

Exponential change has been around for generations, but as COVID-19 grows and spreads around the world, it gives it a whole new meaning which we should all be taking seriously. It’s perhaps the best word in understanding the implications beyond tomorrow.

Exponential mean growth is increasing at a faster and faster rate. When it comes to the spread of a virus, an exponential growth rate means as we go from one day to the next, the number of cases multiplies by some constant number that’s greater than one.

The COVID-19 virus gives us a perfect example of exponential change.

The spread of viruses is a perfect example of something which grows exponentially because the number of new cases each day continues to grow without any help from us, just like we would like our marketing initiatives to improve.

While many businesses will be able to ramp up their production exponentially, others may have to seek out new products and services to grow their businesses. Either way, there will be many opportunities emerging over the coming months.

What a difference a week makes. It feels like so much has changed in most of our lives and work realities. We understand how hard, inconvenient, and nerve-wracking it can all be, but receiving factual knowledge will always help.

Exponential change catches everyone off guard, and much can be lost.

It’s been a surprising and challenging few weeks for everybody. Watching the news, getting safe, and learning how to adjust to the new situation most likely has taken the lion’s share of your attention, as it should.

At the same time, it’s important to remember nothing stays the same. Sometime in the future, the world will start to normalise, whatever that might mean, and life will improve. You’ll feel better, and you’ll have dreams and projects you care about, so keep on keeping on, as the exponential growth of the virus can not go on forever.

The exponential change could create your time to shine.

Make the best decisions to grow your business in the way you and your family want. Avoid irrational decision-making and don’t be driven by other people’s list if it doesn’t align with your vision and objectives. You don’t want to make things worse than they might otherwise be.

Adapt, pivot, switch, is that what you need to be doing now?  It’s true, the new normal won’t be like the old normal, but you want to avoid more chaos in your mix of new activities. We can all agree on that, but there’s something that doesn’t change.

The importance of sticking to business basics in planning, marketing, relationships management and financial management. Forgiveness rules take centre stage in any crisis.

We are dealing with something unprecedented, but that also means we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to lead and grow. It’s our time to show up and demonstrate the remarkable strength, optimism, resilience, and purpose of the human spirit.

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Key Message: The events unfolding can be an excellent opportunity for you to show up bigger and better than ever for those you want to serve.

Quotable Quotes.

“Nobody ever set a goal to be broke, fat, lazy, or ignorant. Those things are what happen when you don’t have goals”.  Gary Blair

 “The exponential changes unfolding can be an excellent opportunity for you to show up bigger and better than ever for those you want to serve”. Peter Sergeant

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