Farmers suffer another major set back.

Farmers suffer with the COVID-19 pandemic yet again.

Our farmers too must adjust to the COVID-19 upheaval.

It seems farmers suffer like no other. Like any other business, farmers with direct sales have to adapt to closed farmers markets and social-distancing rules. While already facing drought, floods and fires this is yet another hurdle they too must jump over. Like all regional businesses, there are many things people can do, to at least minimise the impact.

  • Home deliveries of produce
  • Add more value to outputs
  • Improve the value chains
  • Keep everyone healthy
  • Stop unessential activities
  • Improve service to existing customers
  • Stay close to customers, help to solve their problems
  • Listen carefully to innovative ideas and opportunities
  • Sell and market more online
  • Don’t panic, support family and friends.

When farmers are doing it tough, so is their community and the businesses and non-profit organisations who support them.

One blasted thing after another, how many blows can they take?

Farmers suffer an never ending string of disasters.

In this fast-changing world, we all have to meet the challenges and evolve at breakneck speed to keep up. Unfortunately, doing so often involves a high human and financial cost. With the unrelenting pace of technological achievement and globalisation, coupled with an ever-growing strain on relationships and finances, staying afloat becomes the norm.

I lived on the farm in my formative years, even driving tractors before I could reach the peddles while sitting on the seat. I attribute many of the vital life and business principles I’ve learned to the grounding I received from my father and his friends while working on the farm. My tertiary education was at Hawkesbury Agricultural College.

Throughout the years, I was able to study many farmers carefully. It enhanced my knowledge which attributed to starting my first business at the age of 23 years. It was an agricultural machinery business which exposed me to even more farmers, along with a deeper understanding of farmer’s wisdom.

I want to share some of their wisdom with you, as there are many valuable ideas which can be adapted to improve any business or organisation.

Key Message: It’s just a matter of applying an insightful action-oriented understanding, and you will improve your performance. You can also learn wisdom from other industries which you can use in your organisation during this difficult time.

Quotable Quotes.

“During the pain of isolation, we are experiencing highs and lows, moments of great creativity and moments of desperation”.  Peter Sergeant

“It’s not the person selling best farming equipment who wins the most farmers; it’s the person who knows the farmers, their businesses as well as their problems, frustrations wants and needs”. Peter Sergeant

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