First choice customer decisions

First choice means more stable growth.

Customer choices and your sales growth are strongly linked

For both buyers and sellers, the changes in buying and selling have become a challenging experience. The process of consideration, understanding negotiation and completing the transaction in making a purchase can be long and drawn-out. What you should be aiming at is making your business the customer’s first choice. Become the customers first choice because you are able to nurture them better than your competitors. Even though your products may not be the best available. Plainly there is more to a successful business than it is products.

Being the first choice is not about luck

Today, to achieve the results you want, you must first gain a genuine understanding of your target clients. What their frustrations and problems are what are their real wants and needs. The vanishing mass markets, the proliferation of products and services and new technologies are requiring many companies to re-evaluate their approach to customers. Personalised service and customer experience have replaced the old saying, “give customers what they want”.

Traditionally buyers have been in control of the selling cycle. Sellers have always been in control as they owned the valuable information relevant to the purchase. Today’s buyers are no longer dependent on the salesperson’s knowledge, and they have taken control of the entire sales cycle. Today it is referred to the buying cycle. You need to be providing what the prospect is looking for at every touch point if you want to be the supplier of first choice.

Digital body language has now replaced traditional body language

Utilising traditional body language to assist has been replaced with digital body language. Today with information technology available everywhere at any time, buyers can quickly find information about a pending purchase with confidence. They can do it from the other side of the world, the need for human contact has become minimal.

Complex and disruptive business dealings have seen the rewriting of the way business is carried out. Instantaneous access to online information and resources means buyers can better educate themselves and better direct their purchasing. To become first-choice, you will need to align all your marketing to meet the requirements of the clients at all touch points.

How well do you understand customer’s problems and frustrations

Too often businesses become too busy to focus on the customer the customer experience.

 Become the clients first choice through trust

Be aware a buyer still wants to do business with people they can trust. It means you must be able to give the customer the confidence to trust you at every touch point. These touch points should include the people and organisations which influence them. Community organisations and others who may be doing their research.

We are living in a time of abundant choice. Customers have a vast range of options, and this can impact on the way you attract and grow your customer base. Build high value and loyal customers by assisting them to make better purchasing decisions. Offering choice is part of meeting your customer’s expectations wherever they may be.

Quotable Quotes

“Providing easily accessible, reliable and useful information is critical in helping customers to make you their first choice”. Peter Sergeant

“There are three constants in life, change, choice and principles”. Stephen Covey



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