Focusing content marketing in a complex world.

Focusing content is hard if you don't like writing.

Content marketing differentiation matters.

In this age of personalisation, focusing content has become even more critical to be speaking to a specific audience with its own unique set of problems, frustrations wants and needs, while addressing their challenges, and interests.

So you don’t like writing and creating content. Well, you have options, delegate or outsource the tasks involved from writing content to utilising digital technologies. The one option you don’t have is to do nothing and keep wishing and hoping your business or organisation will perform in maintaining existing customers and creating new opportunities.

Focusing content on relationships matters.

You will be making a miscalculation if you don’t acknowledge your customers and other stakeholders in terms of your approach. They all want to hear what you can do for them rather than about your organisation and achievements.

Everyone is looking looking for specific value and insights which help them make improvements, solve problems, or accomplish goals. Most will want to see you as a partner, not a salesperson flogging your wares.

Typical decision-makers are owners and managers who have specific responsibilities and objectives they want to achieve.

Focused content must taste good. Where are you missing out? Are you helping your customers to try new things?

Your content marketing strategy should not be static. It would help if you always worked directly with your community, customer base and market segments to understand emerging issues. Never assume your consumers all want the same things.

Your content can help you to create your position as a ‘thought leader’ and improve your nurturing of prospects. It’s a mistake not to define the differences and to look at each customer or prospect individually. Determine what they want and then craft your content accordingly.

Focusing content on the differences according to wants and needs.

Every business has completely different desires and needs due in large part to their purpose, vision and objectives. Therefore your content marketing will need to reflect your understanding of those wants and needs. Things like drought, floods, job changes, travel, and significant life events also influence people’s perspectives.

Some businesses will be wanting rapid growth, where others are looking to continue their current performance and maintain the lifestyle they have chosen. In all cases, you’ll need to illustrate your understanding of this in your content marketing.

The typical customer’s objective is to find solutions which can help them to solve their particular problems and frustrations while making better decisions on their journey to their chosen future. Irrespective of their situation there will be many conventional approaches which you can utilise.

While a customer might buy a product or service because of their knowledge of your business and their previous experiences, circumstances and other people can influence their buying decision-making.

Always consider different content formats, channels, and timing.

Content marketing often requires tools for focusing content on the channels which get the job done. Theirs is a cost, to consider along with the timing of your content release. If you use poor content, you might end up with nothing. Use the right content and content marketing tools, and you achieve the desired outcomes.

It’s better to use content writers and technology which cost more than you expected than to use cheap writers and technology and get nothing in return.

Be sure to use quality photographs and video, which is focusing on content appropriately.

One of the most significant differences with customers is the content format, the channel used, and the timing of the release. While more businesses are taking on mobile and social media channels for their content, they also still like to receive emails, blog posts, and content is newsletters.

It would be best if you researched when your customers and prospects go online, reads their email, or uses their mobile devices to look for practical knowledge and solutions. It is also critical to reach the right audience at the most opportune time in their decision-making process, or associated with an event.

Quotable Quotes

“Above all else, make sure your content is offering value to your customers”. Peter Sergeant

“You must leave your content of the past and focus on delivering ideas, opportunities while solving customer problems for the future, despite how painful you might think it is”. Peter Sergeant

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