Frightening times need urgent addressing.

Fight frightening times with a positive outlook.

In frightening times opportunities emerge.

In frightening times, the best thing to do for any fears you might be experiencing is to adjust your mindset and focus on creating a positive future. Here are some thought starters to help you to start moving beyond fear and create a better outlook:

  • Don’t ignore the financial mess, tidy it up, so you know where you stand.
  • Ignore your losses and focus on new opportunities.
  • Stop worrying about yourself and focus on others.
  • No more complaining and be grateful you’re still alive
  • Forget about your products and focus on your relationships.
  • Overlook the lack of sales and focus on creating value.
  • Stop thinking about your difficulties and focus on customer experience.
  • Leave the future on the back-burner and focus on today until the crisis passes.
  • Cease worrying and start focusing on who you can be.
  • Avoid negativity and focus on your responses.
  • Forget what’s missing and focus on what you have available to you.

If you plan to keep worrying, you will keep planning to fail. You can’t win if you can’t connect to people who can help you, and others you can help. Why not put this list on the back of the toilet door as a constant reminder.

In frightening times worry can be overcome with sound planning practices.

As a business owner, there’s one key thing you need to focus on; keeping your business alive during these difficult times. There’s not all doom and gloom either, as tough times set a business up for a fast turnaround as everything improves.

There will always be lessons for us all to learn, as there is in every crisis.

But you cannot change what you refuse to work on:

  • Look at your health and well-being as a critical issue.
  • Gather your resources and do your best with what you have.
  • Plan the right objectives, strategies and actions for your future.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Identifying bottlenecks, you need to fix.
  • Understand the ecosystems impacting you.
  • Train and take out the strain.
  • Engage with relevance, at the right time and with the right message.
  • Don’t lock yourself into long-term projects if your ‘business is on fire’.
  • Slow down; eustress is as bad as distress.

You may or may not feel like you have much to offer right now, but you do have compelling opinions and knowledge about your niche or industry which others would appreciate. In a marketplace shaken with uncertainty, how should you respond? How do you position your business for growth? And what will your enterprise even look like in a COVID-19 world?

Part of a leader’s role is to help people develop or improve their ability to cope. Coaching is quickly becoming a highly demanded skillset to not only to help people get things done but also help them to work more independently.

Worrying is normal, but developing strategies to quickly and reliably shift out of struggle is essential to lifting you, keeping you motivated, and maintaining your sanity during difficult times like these.

Key Message: If you know what’s important to you, it’s much easier to commit to changing your mindset.

Quotable Quotes

“Making a significant change in your life can be very frightening. However, the one thing worse is regretting not having tried”. Peter Sergeant

 “Seek good advice for everything you choose to do. It’s your life and your responsibility to love it, accept it or change it”. Peter Sergeant

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